Ten on 10: July

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 Instead of a typical crazy day, it was a lazy day at home instead.

 9:00 AM- Feed Baby

10:00 AM- Nap Time

11:00 AM- Toddler playtime

Noon: Lunch

1:00 PM- Practice sitting up

2:00 PM- Killing time while baby and toddler nap

3:00 PM- Baby Playtime

4:00 PM- Pick up big kids from camp

5:00 PM- Wait for VBS to start

6:00 PM- Occupy baby while cooking dinner

And one extra photo for good measure.....

7:00 PM- Eat Perry the platypus cookies

We love Perry :) Or, technically, Agent P.

This is the first month that I haven't forgotten, missed an hour, or had to cheat. I'm sure I'll be back to my old ways next month :)


  1. Perry ROCKS!!! :) now I have the shows theme song in my head :) lol


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