Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pregnancy induced insomnia

Or, this post could be alternatively titled, "In which I complain heavily about being pregnant".

Yes, I know I wanted this pregnancy. Yes, I know that we tried for almost a year to conceive. Yes, I am excited about being a mom to three kids and am looking forward to the birth of our baby.

But in the meantime? This just sucks. I totally don't remember being this uncomfortable with my other two. I must have a wonderful selective memory :)

Let's start with the morning sickness. You know, the stuff that lasted 18 weeks? Granted, I am glad it didn't last 9 months, I know it could have been worse. I could have been one of those moms that had to be hospitalized with a zofran pump inserted. I know it could always be worse. But that doesn't discount the misery I felt anyway, you know?

I am now over halfway through my pregnancy. Can someone please tell me when this baby is going to get off my bladder? The frequent trips to the bathroom are killing me. I've actually thought that maybe I've had a UTI or something, anything, that would account for all this. But nope.... its always just pregnancy.

Typically when I'm not pregnant, I sleep 10-6 AM without waking up for anything. Now I'm lucky if I get two hours before I wake up and my bladder is screaming at me. Exhausted, I haul myself out of bed and waddle/drag myself to the bathroom. The amount I pee is no where near in relation to the pressure I feel, so I know I'll just be doing this again in two more hours.

Then I drag myself back to bed. Brian has stolen the covers and spread out so his elbow is on my pillow while I've been gone. I am not nice about getting him to move out of my spot. Then I try to get comfortable. And toss and turn and try again. Then look at the clock. Then toss and turn again. Then kick the covers off. Then realize I'm cold. And thirsty. But drinking more water would require me to get up again and then pee even more. I concentrate on thinking of anything that will allow me to go back to sleep. Just as I'm drifting off, I hear Brian get up to go to the bathroom. (He's not pregnant, just a small bladder) Now I'm really awake. I look at the clock again and its been over an hour since I've tried to go back to sleep. Might as well get up and pee again and get something to drink.

Now, if this was an isolated incident, I might be able to deal. But this is about 5 nights out of 7 that this scenario happens. Its now 1:54 AM and I've been awake since 12:45. I've caught up on all my blog reading. I've read the current statuses of all 984 friends I have on Facebook. I've talked myself out of getting a snack from the fridge. I've flipped through all the stations on the TV. I'm about to re-read another Nicholas Sparks novel because I've read everything downloaded on my NOOK.

And in 4 hours, when I'm finally able to drift off, my husband's alarm will be going off. I will have to pack lunches and backpacks and cook breakfast and supervise teeth brushing and drag sleepy kids out the door by 6:55 AM. I'll spend the next hour in car pool lines trying to get the kids to both their schools by the 7:40 tardy bell. Then I'll pick up that darling 10 month old I keep during the day, who does not ever nap well at my house, and try to make it through the day coherently without the aid of too much caffeine.

Sigh. And to think, in just 20 more weeks, I'll be doing all this with a newborn.

Monday, August 29, 2011

I Heart Faces: White

I know its been forever since I've entered a challenge. Unfortunately, I am just not motivated with photography when I'm not feeling well. As much as I'd like to enter a very recent photo, I'm digging back into my photo albums from early May.

I can't claim this sweet angel as my own, but I'm privileged to be her caregiver during the week while her mom is at work.

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Its been a crazy week!

For the most part, we've all adjusted being back into a school routine. I still have to drag my son out of bed at 6:30 every morning (he sleeps until after 8 on the weekends) despite getting into bed by 8 PM every night. Jaina is much easier and will wake up before 6:30 on her own.

I think school is going well for Jayce. I've had a bit of communication with his teacher and she reports that he is very cooperative and eager to please. When he gets home, though, its been a completely different story. He refuses to do his homework and it usually takes him an hour (with tantruming in between) to complete something that would take him no more than 10 minutes if he wasn't upset. I do give him a break, most of the time 45-60 minutes long, where he can eat a snack, watch TV or play Wii before starting on his homework with his ABA therapist. I think it just boils down to the fact that he is tired of keeping his talkativeness and behavior together during school and it just comes bursting out when he gets home. This is normal for Jayce, so we aren't worried. It should get better in a week or so :)

Jaina absolutely ADORES her teachers this year. Despite her school being run like a prison, her individual classes are very fun and relaxed. She is actually reading chapter books for 100 Book Challenge without prompting or complaint!

And my brag?? Jaina was selected for Gifted and Talented ART!!! I am so proud of my girl :) She definitely gets her art genes from my mom, not me! I can't draw a stick figure without looking like a preschooler did it! So, she'll have gifted art on Monday afternoons, then both kids go to piano across the street at 5:00 PM. We don't know yet when soccer practice is, we'll find out tomorrow. That is definitely enough extracurricular activities!

As for me, I've been sick :( Not morning sickness, thank goodness! But some nasty virus that made me run a fever, have nasal and chest congestion, and basically just ache all over. Not fun! I managed to also get the baby I watch sick as well :( Jayce has a cough, but no fever.

I'll be 20 weeks pregnant on Sunday. Wow, I kinda can't believe it. After my morning sickness went away, this pregnancy just started to fly by! I took a belly shot the other day (I can't remember if I was 18 weeks or 19) but haven't gotten it off my camera yet. I've only gained 5 lbs so far. YAY!!! Believe me, I'm not one of those women that work out religiously during pregnancy so they can stay in their regular clothes as long as possible. But when you gain 60 lbs with a previous pregnancy, you kinda don't want to repeat that :P

I'm writing this on my laptop downstairs so I can't post pictures right this second, but may come back and add some :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of School

The first day of school was actually last Monday, but I'm going to give myself props for posting these only a week late. If my fellow readers recall, I still haven't even posted all of my Beach Trip pictures yet. Won't those be fun to look at in December?

So, I now have a 4th grader:

A Justice-skirt-wearing-class-changing-locker-combination girl. Yeah, I'm not ready for all that. And have I mentioned that I really dislike the store Justice? Overpriced and their quality sucks. That skirt was on sale and I still about had a heart attack when I found out the price.

And then I have a first grader, too :)

On his first week of class, he reports:

-His teacher is nice
-Dimitri is his new best friend
-Jacob gets in trouble a lot
-Shayla loves him

Not bad for a first week!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Take Me Out To the Ball Game

Take me out to the ball game,

Take me out with the crowd. (Hi Sara!)

Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks (or ice cream or a push pop)

I don't care if I never get back
Cause its "Root, root, root!" for the home team

If they don't win, its a shame! (and they didn't.)

For its ONE
Strikes you're out in the old ball game!

And now for some random photos:

And now you know why Jayce's hair was wet in most pictures :)

And my fav picture of the evening?
for once, this post wasn't as Jayce picture heavy as usual! See, I do love my daughter :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bad News; Good News

Last week, I almost had a nervous breakdown.

First, our refrigerator decided to have a broken compressor. Since it cost the same as replacing a cheap fridge, we just decided to get a new one.

It served our family 12 long years. Two years longer than I've even known it! I still don't know why Brian bought that fridge to begin with. He didn't want kids and didn't care if he got married. Yet he bought a family sized fridge. Hmm... I think his subconcious was telling him something!

Brian went to HH Greg on his lunch hour. And found the perfect replacement. The bad news? It couldn't be delivered until Friday.

Going without a fridge and freezer is NOT fun, mind you. I never want to do that again.

Thanks to two neighbors and a dear friend, we were able to save 75% of our food.

The same dear friend invited us over for dinner one night.

Where someone in her neighborhood backed into my van.

Don't you just love hit and runs? We waited a long time for the police to come to file the report. Jayce was disappointed that they didn't pull up with sirens and flashing lights.

The next day, I realized that Jaina's "bug bite" looked more like a spider bite. And it was getting worse. Since she was starting a brand new Intermediate school a few days later, I thought maybe I'd take her to the doctor for some magic cortisone cream that would diminish its appearance.

The doctor took one look at it and said, "That's an abscess. It will have to be lanced and drained." Poor Jaina. She tried to be super brave, but her abscess hurt her very badly and even the numbing medicine didn't help her through the procedure. The amount of infected pus that came out of there is something I'll never ever forget in my life.

Then he drops the bombshell, "I think its MRSA. Sending this culture to the lab. We'll know what other medications to add on Monday. Keep it covered, disinfect your house, and keep Jaina away from people until she's had her antibiotic in her system."

Geez... really? A broken fridge, a dented van, and now MRSA? Thank goodness her antibiotic didn't need to be kept cold!

The next day, the area looked 100x better.

I didn't even think to take a picture of it on Thursday before her procedure. Honestly, you probably wouldn't have wanted to see it!

 On Friday, our new fridge was delivered:

And the water hook up wouldn't allow our fridge to go in the space it needed to be in. I thought Brian was going to have a nervous breakdown at this point!

But he went to Lowe's and bought a new water hose and all was well.


bad news: our fridge broke
good news: we love our awesome new one!!! It has the coolest water dispenser!

bad news: my van was involved in a hit-and-run
good news: Our deductible is very low and insurance will pay for my rental car. AND we got the tag number on the SUV that we suspect hit it in the first place!

bad news: Jaina's "bug bite" turned out to be an infected abscess.
good news: culture came back and its NOT MRSA!! Just a staph infection, which is being treated with the appropriate medicine.

I guess its true that things happen in 3's, right?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Green Lantern

In honor of the recent film, Brian bought himself a new Green Lantern shirt.

Jayce, of course, had to have one, too.

They didn't have any kid sizes so we went with an Adult Small. I have a feeling he'll own this shirt in his possession for a very long time :)

Jayce's chameleon eyes changed to green as soon as he put this shirt on. And no, I didn't alter anything in photoshop. I used Picasa to sharpen and adjust exposure a bit, that's all.

My brother Jeremy has chameleon eyes, too. If they wear blue, their eyes look blue. If they wear green, their eyes look green. If they wear brown... well, you get the picture. Any other color and their eyes look hazel. This can be kinda confusing for a kid in Kindergarten who is asked to describe his eye color. He gives a different answer every time!

Jayce also found something at the store that would match his shirt.

And what do we say to people that proclaim that nail polish "isn't for boys?"

That's right, buddy.

Monday, August 08, 2011

The Conclusion of Carowinds

I usually take my point and shoot camera with us to Carowinds and don't freak out if I take it near water. This time, though, I put my DSLR in the lockers at the water park and just used Jaina's disposable underwater camera. I got the pictures developed yesterday and will be adding them to another post soon :)

The only time my kids fought the entire day was over the shared bowl of dippin' dots.

We were there for 9 hours in 101 degree heat. I'd say that's pretty good!

One of the last rides we went to was the Ricochet. Its one of the kids' absolute favorites. Our therapist looked at it and decided it didn't look TOO bad, so she agreed to go on it with them.

I don't think she quite enjoyed it as much as she had hoped! Sorry sweetie! Thank goodness it was a short ride!

We can't wait for next year... already!!

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Carowinds Continued...

You can start by reading part one here

Where was I?

Oh, the rides. This was the first year that both kids could pretty much ride whatever they wanted to. Except for one mine train rollercoaster that you had to be 48" to ride, so Brian had to take Jaina by herself.

As for me, I could barely ride anything in my condition. Since I wasn't 9 months pregnant and due to go into labor any day, I pretty much decided I could ride anything that was a Thrill Level of 2 or below. That's okay, this was the first opportunity that I had to take my Canon Rebel with me (and my 85 f/1.8) and try to get some shots of my kids actually on the rides themselves. This is really hard to do when you are actually riding, too!

Did I mention that we took our ABA therapist with us? We had so much fun with her! She came along to help Jayce work out any sensory overload he had, to help keep a watchful eye on a potentially wandering kid, to help remind him to be patient in line, and to reinforce the fact that he cannot go up to strangers at the park and start conversations. Oh, and it also helped to have a 4th person who could actually ride all the stuff :)

And here is where I just post a lot of pictures. 

We also attended the Peanut's show "Lucy's Hoedown" at the pavilion. Both kids got to be volunteers on stage.

No more time to post, more pictures tomorrow!