Its been a crazy week!

For the most part, we've all adjusted being back into a school routine. I still have to drag my son out of bed at 6:30 every morning (he sleeps until after 8 on the weekends) despite getting into bed by 8 PM every night. Jaina is much easier and will wake up before 6:30 on her own.

I think school is going well for Jayce. I've had a bit of communication with his teacher and she reports that he is very cooperative and eager to please. When he gets home, though, its been a completely different story. He refuses to do his homework and it usually takes him an hour (with tantruming in between) to complete something that would take him no more than 10 minutes if he wasn't upset. I do give him a break, most of the time 45-60 minutes long, where he can eat a snack, watch TV or play Wii before starting on his homework with his ABA therapist. I think it just boils down to the fact that he is tired of keeping his talkativeness and behavior together during school and it just comes bursting out when he gets home. This is normal for Jayce, so we aren't worried. It should get better in a week or so :)

Jaina absolutely ADORES her teachers this year. Despite her school being run like a prison, her individual classes are very fun and relaxed. She is actually reading chapter books for 100 Book Challenge without prompting or complaint!

And my brag?? Jaina was selected for Gifted and Talented ART!!! I am so proud of my girl :) She definitely gets her art genes from my mom, not me! I can't draw a stick figure without looking like a preschooler did it! So, she'll have gifted art on Monday afternoons, then both kids go to piano across the street at 5:00 PM. We don't know yet when soccer practice is, we'll find out tomorrow. That is definitely enough extracurricular activities!

As for me, I've been sick :( Not morning sickness, thank goodness! But some nasty virus that made me run a fever, have nasal and chest congestion, and basically just ache all over. Not fun! I managed to also get the baby I watch sick as well :( Jayce has a cough, but no fever.

I'll be 20 weeks pregnant on Sunday. Wow, I kinda can't believe it. After my morning sickness went away, this pregnancy just started to fly by! I took a belly shot the other day (I can't remember if I was 18 weeks or 19) but haven't gotten it off my camera yet. I've only gained 5 lbs so far. YAY!!! Believe me, I'm not one of those women that work out religiously during pregnancy so they can stay in their regular clothes as long as possible. But when you gain 60 lbs with a previous pregnancy, you kinda don't want to repeat that :P

I'm writing this on my laptop downstairs so I can't post pictures right this second, but may come back and add some :)


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