Green Lantern

In honor of the recent film, Brian bought himself a new Green Lantern shirt.

Jayce, of course, had to have one, too.

They didn't have any kid sizes so we went with an Adult Small. I have a feeling he'll own this shirt in his possession for a very long time :)

Jayce's chameleon eyes changed to green as soon as he put this shirt on. And no, I didn't alter anything in photoshop. I used Picasa to sharpen and adjust exposure a bit, that's all.

My brother Jeremy has chameleon eyes, too. If they wear blue, their eyes look blue. If they wear green, their eyes look green. If they wear brown... well, you get the picture. Any other color and their eyes look hazel. This can be kinda confusing for a kid in Kindergarten who is asked to describe his eye color. He gives a different answer every time!

Jayce also found something at the store that would match his shirt.

And what do we say to people that proclaim that nail polish "isn't for boys?"

That's right, buddy.


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