First Day of School

The first day of school was actually last Monday, but I'm going to give myself props for posting these only a week late. If my fellow readers recall, I still haven't even posted all of my Beach Trip pictures yet. Won't those be fun to look at in December?

So, I now have a 4th grader:

A Justice-skirt-wearing-class-changing-locker-combination girl. Yeah, I'm not ready for all that. And have I mentioned that I really dislike the store Justice? Overpriced and their quality sucks. That skirt was on sale and I still about had a heart attack when I found out the price.

And then I have a first grader, too :)

On his first week of class, he reports:

-His teacher is nice
-Dimitri is his new best friend
-Jacob gets in trouble a lot
-Shayla loves him

Not bad for a first week!


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