Summer Ice Cream

Call me crazy, but I don't like to eat ice cream in the summer.

With our record high heat and our 100% humidity levels, you just can't eat it fast enough.

Hence, why I've taken to consuming my ice cream in a cup instead of a cone. I love cones, but I reserve them for Fall and Spring temperatures instead.

(btw, my favorite flavor of Bruster's ice cream is chocolate oreo. But since they only make it about 4 times a year, I usually have to settle for getting regular chocolate with an oreo topping. Not quite the same, but still pretty good.)

Jayce *almost* got a Brain Freeze. He really just likes the name of it!

Instead, he got his own Reece's Pieces Blast. Its what Brian usually gets.

Its not a surprise that Brian made him share :)

And here's the real reason we've decided to have a third baby....

My kids are way too tall.

I mean, I just can't NOT have a child that's not under 40".

Baby definitely approved of the ice cream. I'm happy to report that my morning sickness seems to be dwindling completely... even without the medicine!
Hey, if you don't mind....

Several of my friends have told me recently that they can't leave comments at all. I've done everything I can think of to my comment settings and it still won't work for some people. So, I've decided to switch to Disqus for a trial run. 

Can you leave me a comment below and tell me what your favorite flavor of ice cream is? And either the brand or the ice cream shop that you buy from the most?



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