Bad News; Good News

Last week, I almost had a nervous breakdown.

First, our refrigerator decided to have a broken compressor. Since it cost the same as replacing a cheap fridge, we just decided to get a new one.

It served our family 12 long years. Two years longer than I've even known it! I still don't know why Brian bought that fridge to begin with. He didn't want kids and didn't care if he got married. Yet he bought a family sized fridge. Hmm... I think his subconcious was telling him something!

Brian went to HH Greg on his lunch hour. And found the perfect replacement. The bad news? It couldn't be delivered until Friday.

Going without a fridge and freezer is NOT fun, mind you. I never want to do that again.

Thanks to two neighbors and a dear friend, we were able to save 75% of our food.

The same dear friend invited us over for dinner one night.

Where someone in her neighborhood backed into my van.

Don't you just love hit and runs? We waited a long time for the police to come to file the report. Jayce was disappointed that they didn't pull up with sirens and flashing lights.

The next day, I realized that Jaina's "bug bite" looked more like a spider bite. And it was getting worse. Since she was starting a brand new Intermediate school a few days later, I thought maybe I'd take her to the doctor for some magic cortisone cream that would diminish its appearance.

The doctor took one look at it and said, "That's an abscess. It will have to be lanced and drained." Poor Jaina. She tried to be super brave, but her abscess hurt her very badly and even the numbing medicine didn't help her through the procedure. The amount of infected pus that came out of there is something I'll never ever forget in my life.

Then he drops the bombshell, "I think its MRSA. Sending this culture to the lab. We'll know what other medications to add on Monday. Keep it covered, disinfect your house, and keep Jaina away from people until she's had her antibiotic in her system."

Geez... really? A broken fridge, a dented van, and now MRSA? Thank goodness her antibiotic didn't need to be kept cold!

The next day, the area looked 100x better.

I didn't even think to take a picture of it on Thursday before her procedure. Honestly, you probably wouldn't have wanted to see it!

 On Friday, our new fridge was delivered:

And the water hook up wouldn't allow our fridge to go in the space it needed to be in. I thought Brian was going to have a nervous breakdown at this point!

But he went to Lowe's and bought a new water hose and all was well.


bad news: our fridge broke
good news: we love our awesome new one!!! It has the coolest water dispenser!

bad news: my van was involved in a hit-and-run
good news: Our deductible is very low and insurance will pay for my rental car. AND we got the tag number on the SUV that we suspect hit it in the first place!

bad news: Jaina's "bug bite" turned out to be an infected abscess.
good news: culture came back and its NOT MRSA!! Just a staph infection, which is being treated with the appropriate medicine.

I guess its true that things happen in 3's, right?


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