The Conclusion of Carowinds

I usually take my point and shoot camera with us to Carowinds and don't freak out if I take it near water. This time, though, I put my DSLR in the lockers at the water park and just used Jaina's disposable underwater camera. I got the pictures developed yesterday and will be adding them to another post soon :)

The only time my kids fought the entire day was over the shared bowl of dippin' dots.

We were there for 9 hours in 101 degree heat. I'd say that's pretty good!

One of the last rides we went to was the Ricochet. Its one of the kids' absolute favorites. Our therapist looked at it and decided it didn't look TOO bad, so she agreed to go on it with them.

I don't think she quite enjoyed it as much as she had hoped! Sorry sweetie! Thank goodness it was a short ride!

We can't wait for next year... already!!


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