Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Five Months

I'm embarrassed to say that I almost forgot it was the 26th of June today, therefore making it Jocelyn's 5 month birthday. It also means that yesterday was Logan's 5 month birthday as well and I actually did forget to wish his  mommy a happy 5 months with her baby. I blame having three kids!

Let's see...

- you roll over both ways, turn around in a circle, and try to push yourself off the blanket when on your back
- you grab toys and put them in your mouth. Or hit yourself in the head with them.
- you spit and drool. A lot.
- if you have a bottle more than you nurse, you sleep all night long. If you nurse all day and only have one bottle at night, you wake up 3 times. But since I'm trying to not give you bottles of formula unless I have to, I don't mind :)
- you still get fussy between 5 PM and bedtime. If we are in a car and you are stuck in your carseat, you will scream. I am not looking forward to the 5+ hour drive to the beach with you!
- you think your family members are hilarious. You laugh and squeal all the time when watching our antics.
- if we stayed home during the day, you'd take 3 glorious naps in your crib. But we don't stay home. So you catnap in the car when you can.
- you wear 3-6 month clothes and weigh around 14-15 lbs. I forgot today was the 26th, so that means I also forgot to set up your doctor's appointment for a weight check.
- you wear size 2 in pampers swaddlers. You wear a small in cloth. When I actually put cloth on you :) I still hate pre-folds!
- you want food, table food, our food, very badly. We are holding out on solids until we get back from the beach.
- we love to kiss your fat chubby cheeks all day long.
- you try to get out of the bumbo and your swing's animal mobile scares you.
- you are my sunshine :)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Oh so jealous...

Surprisingly enough, the member of the household that is having the hardest time adjusting to Jocelyn being here is our dog, Shaggy.

We found Shaggy roaming our neighborhood almost two years ago. He was a sweet and gentle dog, very traumatized from pain and abuse. He was very happy to find a home with people that fed and pet him.

Shaggy knew that Alli, our dog that passed away 9 months ago, was the one in charge and he never tried to usurp her authority. He knew that Alli's place was with Brian and Jaina, most of the time in their laps, and he would lay on his dog bed on the floor and wait to be invited onto our couch.

It was rough on Shaggy the night that Alli died.We had never heard Shaggy sound so mournful or look so sad. He was very lonely.

Soon after, we adopted another dog named Jackson to keep Shaggy company and to try to help us heal from Alli's death. Um... I'm trying to remain calm just thinking about the chaos that ensued after Jackson came to live with us. It was not pretty. He was not the right dog for us at all and Shaggy suffered emotionally and even physically while Jackson was with us.

After we sent Jackson back, Shaggy finally came out of his shell. He decided that being the only dog of the family was a pretty good thing. He found his place on Brian's lap at the end of the day and also started adopting an Alpha dog's demeanor. Shaggy now is the one that barks at noises at night, brings us "presents" of critters that live in our back yard, gets upset if one of the kids is crying, and thinks he owns the couch.

He doesn't quite know what to do with Jocelyn, however. I think he likes her okay... but only when I'm holding her. He tends to get jealous if Brian, Jaina, or my mom interact with the baby and not him.

Here's a good example...

The other day, Jocelyn was laying on our bed hanging out while I got dressed.

Brian happened to be passing through on the way from the bathroom, so he stopped by to lay down next to the baby and grab her attention.

Immediately, Shaggy bolted from his bed in the living room to get in on the action.

And no, Shaggy is not allowed on the bed. Well, at least not by me. Brian and Jaina won't make him get down, so I fight a losing battle with that one.

I love that Shaggy is still looking at me while he leans over to lick Brian in the face. He was watching to see if I'd make him get down from the bed.

Brian decides to mess with Shaggy a bit and kiss the baby.

Shaggy has to be in on the action, too.

I think Shaggy is saying, "You love me MORE than that baby.... right???"

"Let me prove it to you with some more kisses!"

Yes, Shaggy... we still love you.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Fountain

The Fountain is one of our summer staples. Its free, its close, and its open every afternoon during the summer.

I'm afraid, however, that the fountain is losing its luster just a bit. The kids weren't all that excited to run through like they usually are in years past. I stood at the edge, waiting to capture their excitement on my camera.... but got just ho-hum reactions.

And for the record? Jocelyn HATED the fountain. She was kept entertained by my friend's little ones so all was well.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Pros and Cons of cloth

Diapers are re-usable and don't end up in a landfill.
You have to wash them. Frequently.

They come in the cutest colors and designs!
Numerous options can be overwhelming and you might not know which system you like until you try it.

You save money by buying cloth. Some designs and sizes allow you to use them for your baby's entire diaper years. Resale value is good!
Diapers and covers cost as much as one pack of disposable diapers, so there is a bigger cost up front.

Some cloth diaper systems are super absorbent.
Unfortunately, cloth diapers are much bulkier than disposables. Sometimes you have to go up a size in pants so clothes will fit.

My baby looks super cute in cloth diapers.


Oh, come on. We all know there isn't another side to THAT statement :P

Seriously, though...

I never used cloth with Jaina. I honestly didn't know it was an option. I didn't use cloth with Jayce because Brian threatened to never change a dirty diaper EVER if I used cloth. How was I to know that he wouldn't really end up changing any of his dirty diapers anyway?

This time around, I thought I'd give cloth a try. I had some covers handed down to me and I got some pre-folds to use with them.

And quickly discovered that I hated prefolds. I'm much more of an All-in-One kinda gal. (AIO's for those who speak the lingo) Except that AIO's are the most expensive diaper you can buy. I own two newborn size. That's it. And Jocelyn outgrew those in a matter of weeks.

I have my sight set on some Thirsties AIO's for Jocelyn. I just can't justify spending the money right now. She is a heavy wetter and she goes through 8-10 disposables a day. I'd need probably more cloth than that to get through 1 day. (That's why covers and prefolds make more sense... you can buy a whole pack of prefolds for little money and just reuse a few covers in a day. But I hate prefolds, remember!?)

I might end up getting some Thirsties covers from my blogging friend and then buying some bamboo inserts that go into the covers.

So many options!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

I Love You Medium

When Jaina was two or three years old, she went through a "No! Mommy do it!" phase. She wouldn't let Brian get her juice or put her shoes on or buckle her in the car seat. It didn't last long, but we both remember it vividly.

One day we were all laying in bed together cuddling and I said, "I love you, Jaina." She replied, "I love you more, mommy!"

Brian faked a cry and said indignantly, "Hey! What about Daddy?"

Jaina sighed. "I love you medium."

We laugh about that statement all the time now :)

Its no secret that Brian never saw himself as a dad. He would have been fine and dandy never having any kids. And once we had Jaina, he was against having any more.

I think we know who won that argument :)

So Brian might say that he never wanted a third baby....

I think he loves her medium.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Park

I'm tired. I just yelled (after politely asking, nicely reminding, impatiently nagging, and finally using the stern "mommy" tone) at my kids to get their damn pajamas on and go brush their teeth. And Jayce says, "Why? Are we going to bed now?" AUGH!!!

The amount of energy I just spent doing all that has wiped out any and all desire to write a blog post tonight.

We went to the park last week. It was fun. Here are pictures.

I feel like this outing was a million years ago.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Because its Monday

According to the majority of Face Book status updates, there's a lot of people that hate Mondays.

I've never been a Monday Hater. Nope, that feeling was reserved for Tuesdays. For some reason, most of our appointments, therapy sessions, and commitments just happen to fall on Tuesdays. I would spend the day running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Which is a horrible figure of speech to use and visualize. Who comes up with figures of speech anyway?

Just for the summer, I switched Jayce's OT session at the hospital from Tuesday evenings to Monday mornings. I'm sure I had some good reasons for doing so, but after waking up at 6:45 this morning after a super fun filled weekend, I can't think of those reasons right now. All my kids like to sleep until 8 AM during the summer, even the baby.

Mondays suck right now. I'm tired and grumpy and had a really rough day with Jayce. Actually, every day since school has gotten out has been rough with Jayce. But that's another post for another day.

Instead, I'm going to post pictures of Jocelyn. Why? Because I need something nice to look at on this Monday.

Happy Monday!

Friday, June 08, 2012


The older my dad gets, the more he cherishes his grandchildren.

His days of raising his own kids have finally come to an end. My little sister, 22 years old, moved out last year. Now its all about the grandkids. Joshua, Jaina, Jayce, Justin, and now Jocelyn. Three grandsons and two granddaughters. Not too shabby!

Now if only he could see all his grandchildren more often. I try to schedule a trip down there every 3-4 months. Its much harder for my nephews to visit since they are 12 hours away in Southern Florida.

My kids love spending time with their grandparents. My stepmom often spoils us by taking us to fun touristy places around Atlanta and treating us to restaurant meals while we are in town.

I am so thankful that my kids are making these memories with their grandparents. Only now, as an adult, do I truly realize how short lives can be. Eventually, you are only left with the memories of your time together.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Zoo Atlanta

We crammed a whole lotta fun into our first Summer trip to visit the grandparents! As always, there are a billion photos to blog. I thought I'd start with the zoo.

The Zoo in Atlanta is 10 times better than the one near us. Our Zoo takes 30 minutes to walk through, even with seeing all the animals. Zoo Atlanta takes 2.5 hours. Our Zoo costs $5 for admission. Zoo Atlanta is more like $20. You definitely get what you pay for!

Jaina's been to this zoo three times now, Jayce only twice, and this was Jocelyn's first visit, of course :)

First stop, Flamingos.
They were bathed in such pretty morning light :) The rest of the time I had to deal with high middle of the day light and harsh shadows.

The Parakeet Exhibit was new. You walked through their enclosure and got to see them close up!
No, we didn't get pooped on, either!

Next up, a warthog.
After watching The Lion King a billion times with my sister and now my own kids, I have a soft spot in my heart for warthogs.

I can't figure out of that is a mommy, daddy, and baby giraffe?
 Or a mommy, daddy, and teenager giraffe.

Ah... the only animal we really came to see. A rhino.

I really wish he had been standing in more even lighting. I asked him to move so I could get a better picture, but he ignored me. Jayce was super thrilled. He's just a little obsessed with rhinos.

Kids or lion cubs? 

Its just too hard to tell! :P

I loved watching the momma gorilla and her baby. And totally regretted not owning a 70-200 mm lens.

Then it was on to the Reptile House. I don't like snakes or spiders, but lizards are okay.

We all love Red Pandas, too. Both Jaina and Jayce have stuffed animal beanie babies named Rusty The Red Panda. Our local zoo has a Red Panda, but his enclosure is very small and he's hard to get pictures of. I think I might have to print this next one for our house.

Now that's how Red Pandas are supposed to live :)

Speaking of pandas.... we saw some of those regular ones from China, too.

Jaina's sad that I missed capturing the shot of this above panda scratching his butt on the rocks. I can't say I'm all that sad.

This tiger was creeping me out. 

He was pacing back and forth in his enclosure. I'm not a huge fan of tigers caged in zoos. If there is one animal that seems to express how unhappy they are being locked up in this unnatural environment, its the tiger.

Oh, and I did take pictures of my KIDS at the zoo. They just didn't turn out well. They were wild monkeys. I kinda thought that they would be asked to join an exhibit.

Monday, June 04, 2012

Its been a Zoo around here...

We've only been out of school for a little over a week, but we're certainly making the most of our time off!

More to come from our first trip of Summer 2012!