The older my dad gets, the more he cherishes his grandchildren.

His days of raising his own kids have finally come to an end. My little sister, 22 years old, moved out last year. Now its all about the grandkids. Joshua, Jaina, Jayce, Justin, and now Jocelyn. Three grandsons and two granddaughters. Not too shabby!

Now if only he could see all his grandchildren more often. I try to schedule a trip down there every 3-4 months. Its much harder for my nephews to visit since they are 12 hours away in Southern Florida.

My kids love spending time with their grandparents. My stepmom often spoils us by taking us to fun touristy places around Atlanta and treating us to restaurant meals while we are in town.

I am so thankful that my kids are making these memories with their grandparents. Only now, as an adult, do I truly realize how short lives can be. Eventually, you are only left with the memories of your time together.


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