Five Months

I'm embarrassed to say that I almost forgot it was the 26th of June today, therefore making it Jocelyn's 5 month birthday. It also means that yesterday was Logan's 5 month birthday as well and I actually did forget to wish his  mommy a happy 5 months with her baby. I blame having three kids!

Let's see...

- you roll over both ways, turn around in a circle, and try to push yourself off the blanket when on your back
- you grab toys and put them in your mouth. Or hit yourself in the head with them.
- you spit and drool. A lot.
- if you have a bottle more than you nurse, you sleep all night long. If you nurse all day and only have one bottle at night, you wake up 3 times. But since I'm trying to not give you bottles of formula unless I have to, I don't mind :)
- you still get fussy between 5 PM and bedtime. If we are in a car and you are stuck in your carseat, you will scream. I am not looking forward to the 5+ hour drive to the beach with you!
- you think your family members are hilarious. You laugh and squeal all the time when watching our antics.
- if we stayed home during the day, you'd take 3 glorious naps in your crib. But we don't stay home. So you catnap in the car when you can.
- you wear 3-6 month clothes and weigh around 14-15 lbs. I forgot today was the 26th, so that means I also forgot to set up your doctor's appointment for a weight check.
- you wear size 2 in pampers swaddlers. You wear a small in cloth. When I actually put cloth on you :) I still hate pre-folds!
- you want food, table food, our food, very badly. We are holding out on solids until we get back from the beach.
- we love to kiss your fat chubby cheeks all day long.
- you try to get out of the bumbo and your swing's animal mobile scares you.
- you are my sunshine :)


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