Because its Monday

According to the majority of Face Book status updates, there's a lot of people that hate Mondays.

I've never been a Monday Hater. Nope, that feeling was reserved for Tuesdays. For some reason, most of our appointments, therapy sessions, and commitments just happen to fall on Tuesdays. I would spend the day running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Which is a horrible figure of speech to use and visualize. Who comes up with figures of speech anyway?

Just for the summer, I switched Jayce's OT session at the hospital from Tuesday evenings to Monday mornings. I'm sure I had some good reasons for doing so, but after waking up at 6:45 this morning after a super fun filled weekend, I can't think of those reasons right now. All my kids like to sleep until 8 AM during the summer, even the baby.

Mondays suck right now. I'm tired and grumpy and had a really rough day with Jayce. Actually, every day since school has gotten out has been rough with Jayce. But that's another post for another day.

Instead, I'm going to post pictures of Jocelyn. Why? Because I need something nice to look at on this Monday.

Happy Monday!


  1. I have never really hated Monday's in the past either, but now that my hubby works late Monday (11pm) and early Tuesday (5am) it makes Mondays seem Sooooo long. But Wednesday's are his day off so it helps us plow through. And your little lady gets prettier all the time. Those eyes!


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