I Love You Medium

When Jaina was two or three years old, she went through a "No! Mommy do it!" phase. She wouldn't let Brian get her juice or put her shoes on or buckle her in the car seat. It didn't last long, but we both remember it vividly.

One day we were all laying in bed together cuddling and I said, "I love you, Jaina." She replied, "I love you more, mommy!"

Brian faked a cry and said indignantly, "Hey! What about Daddy?"

Jaina sighed. "I love you medium."

We laugh about that statement all the time now :)

Its no secret that Brian never saw himself as a dad. He would have been fine and dandy never having any kids. And once we had Jaina, he was against having any more.

I think we know who won that argument :)

So Brian might say that he never wanted a third baby....

I think he loves her medium.


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