Thursday, August 28, 2014

I Want My Brudder!

We are two weeks into our Back To School routine and all is well.

I'm not sick of packing lunches quite yet. And Jayce isn't yelling in the mornings at me (yet), either, so things have been smooth thus far.

Even Jocelyn has enjoyed hanging out with just Mom over the past two weeks. She'll occasionally ask, "Where Jaina go? Jayce upstairs, mommy?" and will have to be reminded that they are at school.

But when they come home in the afternoons, its a different story. Jocelyn sticks to Jayce like white on rice as soon as we pick him up.

Before Jayce can go to a friend's house to play,  he has to do his homework.

Then, he has to practice the piano.

And there's also daily reading to log...

Then it comes time for Jayce to leave and go ride his bike.

This makes Jocelyn sad and she pleads, "Jayce! Don't go! Don't leave! I want to go, too! I want my brudder!"

He always turns back around and gives her another hug. "I'll be back soon and then we'll play, okay?", he reassures her.

It might just be the cutest thing in the entire world.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Dreaded 5 O' Clock Nap

Two and a half is a hard time as a toddler. Some kids take a 3 hour nap at this age while some give up their nap altogether. Jaina was the former; Jayce was the latter.

Jocelyn is somewhere in between. She's still not the best at sleeping through the night (and has almost surpassed Jayce in this feat as my child that took the longest to stop waking up and needing me at night) so naps for her are imperative still. Yet, if we aren't home for her to wind down in my bed, you can pretty much forget about her getting a nap in the car during school pick up.

The other day was typical. She needed a nap around 11:30 but instead, we went out to lunch. Then I drove around from 1-2 thinking she'd pass out in the car. Nope. We picked up Jayce at 2:15 and headed home. She watched TV on the couch but didn't go to sleep then, either. (Which was good because we had to go back out at 3:30 to pick up Jaina).

I was folding laundry on my unmade bed while Jocelyn was eating a cup of goldfish. She climbed up on my bed, laid down with her cup, and was passed out in about 5 seconds flat.

It was 5:30 PM.

Ugh. One of the worst parenting dilemmas you can have.

Do you wake them up immediately and batten down the hatches for the worst overtired tantrum of their life?

Do you let them sleep for just a little bit... say, 45 minutes? One sleep cycle should be enough of a power nap. Then batten down the hatches for a fairly bad overtired tantrum?

Or, do you realize that your child really needs sleep and just leave them be. Bedtimes are just a number on the clock. Its more important for her to listen to her body.

I went with the third option.

I finished folding my laundry and went to use my 85mm lens that had been gathering dust. I really can't decide which lens is sharper... that one or my 50mm f/1.4

She's lucky that she's cute.

I have to admit that I let her sleep until 8:30 PM. Actually, the darn doorbell woke her up at that time. Let's pretend I didn't host thoughts of strangling the neighbor kid that came by at 8:30 PM.

Jocelyn woke up screaming, unfortunately, She was so out of it. She said her mouth hurt and she felt very hot to the touch. It took a good 30 minutes to calm her down. I also gave her motrin in case her throat really did hurt.

Want to know what time she went back to bed to sleep that night?

1:30 AM.

That means, my friends, that I will NEVER LET MY 2 YEAR OLD NAP AT 5:30 AGAIN AS LONG AS I LIVE.

There. I said it. Its official. And I mean it.

Thank goodness she is cute!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Back To School for 2014-15

Our Summer went by in a wink, but you know what? I was actually ready for school to start back this year. I love my kids and I enjoy them being home and spending fun times with them. Yet, the middle kid really really craves the structure of the public school system. He likes to wake up to an alarm, have certain choices for breakfast, eat lunch at exactly 12:05, and finds comfort in his "1. Snack 2. Chores 3. Practice 4. Reading 5. Homework" afternoon chart.

So school is back in session and all is well with the world.

The preteen is excited to show off her new iPhone (Thanks Uncle Jason!), her new chevron patterned clothes, and see all the friends she's missed all Summer long.

I thought Jocelyn would be sad with her big brother and sister gone all day, but we had a great time at the library on Monday, just her and me.

I have a good feeling about this school year :)

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Our August

Here it is, the middle of August, and school is starting on Monday. I have mixed feelings about what our Summer has brought us. It looks so different now than years past. There is much less structure and much more spontaneity. But that also means that a lot of things we planned on doing this Summer just kinda never happened.

"I thought we were going to go to Columbia?"


"How come we missed some of the $1 Summer Movies?"

Lots and lots of doctors appointments that happened to fall on both Tuesdays AND Wednesdays.

"We didn't really go swimming a lot, either."

Blame Mother Nature on this one. And the fact that we don't have a pool.

So, what DID we do?

This  is what our August has looked like.

A whole lotta outside time:

My mail box flowers have really flourished with all this rain.

If only the bugs would leave them alone!

My twelve year old seems more like 13 and less like 11 this month. Craziness.

Of course there were Mickey Mouse Pancakes. My son will not be happy going back to a breakfast menu of cereal and poptarts. He likes freshly baked muffins, biscuits, and cinnamon rolls. Momma ain't got time for that!

We crafted a lot.

As you can see, the kids have really fallen in love with the show Adventure Time. I guess I must be old because I don't really "get it".

There was some outdoor chalk coloring going on...

Brian and I also celebrated our Anniversary a few weeks late.

I also had my wisdom teeth removed and Jocelyn kept me company in bed for a day :)

And we've eaten at Taco Bell the last three Fridays. Lots of Taco Bell love going on here.

So we might not have done it all, but I'm gonna call our Summer "Good Enough" and just go with it.

Bring on School!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Tumble Tots

Monkey See, Monkey Do and all three of my little monkeys take tumbling classes at a local gym/dance studio.

For Jaina, tumbling classes means she's one step closer to meeting the requirements for middle school cheerleading. She has several goals to meet, but none more important than the elusive back handspring.

We put Jayce in tumbling because he has hypotonia, or low muscle tone. We are always looking for ways to build his muscle. And since he is scared of the outdoors (bees and thunderstorms anyone?), tumbling in a gym is perfect. He's already shown improvement and moved up bat sizes in baseball.

As for Jocelyn... well, she just wants to do what her big brother and big sister do.

You are supposed to be three years old to start the Tumble Tots preschool class. Jocelyn won't be three until January 26th. However, she can follow simple instructions and is generally well-behaved during classes (i.e. doesn't run around crazy like doing her own thing) so the tumbling coaches suggested that she take Summer classes.

I wear my swimsuit when I get home, Mommy?

The first class in June went very well. She was attentive, cooperative, and separated from me just fine. Jaina stayed with her to be an assistant to Miss Amy.

The next few classes? Um, didn't go so well. She required Mommy AND Jaina to be right by her side. She was too scared to do a forward roll on the tumble track. She was very afraid of the bars. And she wouldn't let Miss Amy have anything to do with her.

So, even though Thursday night classes weren't going so well, Jocelyn sure came out of her shell on Monday nights during Jaina and Jayce's class. Evidently she thinks she needs to be in Level 2 Tumbling with Rocky as her instructor. I can barely keep her off the mat! And let me just say that watching Jocelyn attempt a push up is quite hilarious :)

Yet, there was quite a change in Jocelyn this past week during her Thursday night class. All of a sudden she was back with her full attention and cooperation. And I got to sit on the bench and just watch :)

I think there will be more tumbling in the future for this little monkey :)

Here's some quick video from a few weeks ago!

Sunday, August 03, 2014


I don't know about you, but we tend to skip bath night a lot here in the Summertime. Doesn't running through the sprinklers or swimming in a pool count as bathing?

Jocelyn picked out a cute new bath toy set at the Freckled Frog toy store in Pawley's Island Hammock Shops. This means she frequently asks to take baths so she can play with her doggies.

There names are Rover, Sheepy, and White. I think. They change names often.

How do you know when its time to get out?

"My fingers are wrinkly, Mommy! Fix them!"

Its only a matter of time before I won't be able to take bathing pictures of my littlest one any more. Sniff. Growing up is hard on a momma.