July Tucker Visit

If I've been absent from the blog, it only means one thing.

We've been busy having fun! :)

Most recently, we went to Tucker, GA to visit my parents.

We arrived on a late afternoon on Friday after many rough starts to our trip. We relaxed for a few hours before heading over to my brother Jeff and wife Pam's house.

 (lights strung up outside on their porch. I'm in love with them!)

Pam is an avid gardener and we walked down to the back to see everything growing.

Jeff put Jayce to work making homemade garlic knots.

Jocelyn preferred the cookies.

Sister Jami regaled us with magic trickery with a diet coke can. No, she did not share the can with her dog, Buddy.

Grandpa got in on the pizza making action.

And then tried to remember some guitar chords that he knew from years ago. All three of my brothers, and my dad, know how to play the guitar. I really thought I'd marry a guitarist, too. Instead, I got a trumpet playing band geek :P

The kids played Minecraft almost all day on Saturday. But later that night, we dragged them away from the computers to go to Medieval Times. I had never been and it was pretty fun!

Jami caught a rose from the Red Knight. She was thrilled :)

When we got back, Jocelyn asked to draw chalk outside. Silly me forgot about the massive mosquitoes that live down by the lake near my dad's house. Both Jocelyn and I got eaten alive!

My sister asked me to take some pictures of her cat, Abby, because she was really hard to get a good picture of. Let me just say that I am not an animal photographer for a reason! Abby kept me chasing worse than any fast toddler!

We couldn't leave Buddy out of the pictures!

It was a fun, but short, time in Tucker. I did get to see my friend Melissa from church but missed hanging out with my HS friend Meredith. Oh well, maybe next time!


  1. As always your pics are beyond awesome. I've always wanted to go to one of those dinner show places. Kind of strange I've never been to one considering there's a few only 30 minutes away from me in Pigeon Forge.


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