I Want My Brudder!

We are two weeks into our Back To School routine and all is well.

I'm not sick of packing lunches quite yet. And Jayce isn't yelling in the mornings at me (yet), either, so things have been smooth thus far.

Even Jocelyn has enjoyed hanging out with just Mom over the past two weeks. She'll occasionally ask, "Where Jaina go? Jayce upstairs, mommy?" and will have to be reminded that they are at school.

But when they come home in the afternoons, its a different story. Jocelyn sticks to Jayce like white on rice as soon as we pick him up.

Before Jayce can go to a friend's house to play,  he has to do his homework.

Then, he has to practice the piano.

And there's also daily reading to log...

Then it comes time for Jayce to leave and go ride his bike.

This makes Jocelyn sad and she pleads, "Jayce! Don't go! Don't leave! I want to go, too! I want my brudder!"

He always turns back around and gives her another hug. "I'll be back soon and then we'll play, okay?", he reassures her.

It might just be the cutest thing in the entire world.


  1. Don't you just love it when they get along like that! Melts my heart :)

  2. So cute!

    See, Tommy wants nothing to do with Natalie. She's much too loud for him.

  3. Aww, that is SO sweet! Big brothers are the best. :)

  4. love these pics! so incredibly sweet!


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