Our August

Here it is, the middle of August, and school is starting on Monday. I have mixed feelings about what our Summer has brought us. It looks so different now than years past. There is much less structure and much more spontaneity. But that also means that a lot of things we planned on doing this Summer just kinda never happened.

"I thought we were going to go to Columbia?"


"How come we missed some of the $1 Summer Movies?"

Lots and lots of doctors appointments that happened to fall on both Tuesdays AND Wednesdays.

"We didn't really go swimming a lot, either."

Blame Mother Nature on this one. And the fact that we don't have a pool.

So, what DID we do?

This  is what our August has looked like.

A whole lotta outside time:

My mail box flowers have really flourished with all this rain.

If only the bugs would leave them alone!

My twelve year old seems more like 13 and less like 11 this month. Craziness.

Of course there were Mickey Mouse Pancakes. My son will not be happy going back to a breakfast menu of cereal and poptarts. He likes freshly baked muffins, biscuits, and cinnamon rolls. Momma ain't got time for that!

We crafted a lot.

As you can see, the kids have really fallen in love with the show Adventure Time. I guess I must be old because I don't really "get it".

There was some outdoor chalk coloring going on...

Brian and I also celebrated our Anniversary a few weeks late.

I also had my wisdom teeth removed and Jocelyn kept me company in bed for a day :)

And we've eaten at Taco Bell the last three Fridays. Lots of Taco Bell love going on here.

So we might not have done it all, but I'm gonna call our Summer "Good Enough" and just go with it.

Bring on School!


  1. looks like a wonderful summer!! love the beautiful pics!

  2. Your oldest has the most gorgeous hair! I have never heard of Adventure time, its all Caillou around these parts. :)


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