Friday, March 30, 2007

Why do I bother?

Like put them in situations where you know they won't do well, just hoping and :x that they'll magically change their tune and surprise you?

I feel guilty after getting the kids' portraits taken every time. Jaina loves it by herself and does great, but not when Jayce is in the picture. He's the one that gets all of the attention. Jayce does much better when Jaina's not there, too. He won't sit by her, won't hug her, won't do anything with her at all if he's on a backdrop. But he does much better with portraits when he's by himself.

I'm so selfish, but I want pictures of my kids TOGETHER.

I always put them in this situation and then get upset with them when its not a success. I really need to just stop for their sake, but I can't. Its like a challenge now. Determination sets in. I [B]will[/B] get a great picture of my two children acting like they are happy and loving each other so help me I will!!!!!

And then I don't And you know what? Life goes on and they end up forgiving me for putting them through that torture. Until next holiday....

Friday, March 23, 2007

Well, we didn't exactly find Teddy Bear...

It all started last night.

I went out to dinner with the MOPS group for a Moms Night Out at the new Olive Garden in town. Brian stayed home with the kiddies. Jayce had his favorite teddy bear when I left. When I got home, Jayce was still up (thanks, dad) so I had the joy of putting an overtired baby to bed. We looked for Teddy bear everywhere, but he was no where to be found. Jayce grabbed his Rusty and blankie and went to sleep anyway.

However, in the morning, the first thing he did was ask for his bear. We looked everywhere today. Brian thought that maybe Jayce had taken Teddy on their walk last night. Unfortunately, they didn't just walk around the block. Oh, no.... they had to walk the L-O-O-N-G way around the neighborhood. After both me and Brian drove around looking for it, the kids and I decided to walk the same path looking for it. My nice neighbors Kim and Shirlene were sweet enough to come as well.

No luck. Bear was no where to be seen.

I was starting to get desperate. Jayce wanted his bear at nap time as well.

Grandma reminded me that the original bear was purchased at Michael's craft store back in October. As soon as Daddy got home tonight, we raced to the store.

Once we found the correct aisle, Jayce practically lunged from my arm to pick up *his* bear. He instantly recognized it and accepted it unconditionally. I was worried that it wouldn't smell the same or he would notice that the new bear didn't have a chewed and worn nose. Nope, Jayce could have cared less. He had his teddy bear back.

Giving the bear up to the cashier was not a fun task. Neither was watching Daddy cut the plastic tag off. But once those things were done, Teddy Bear II did not have to leave Jayce's arms for the rest of the night.

They are sleeping together right now :)

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Shamrock on the Squares

St. Patrick's Day was so much fun!!! We celebrated by attending the town's local festival, Shamrock on the Square.

Jayce played with items from the Discovery Toy display:

Jaina tried her hand at "Leprechaun Toss" where we quickly discovered that Jaina takes after *me* when throwing.

But by far,the kids enjoyed running on the grassy square in front of the band best of all.

Although the weather was clear and sunny, it was also very cold and windy! After about an hour at the festival, we decided to retreat to the Monsoon Noodlehouse for some lunch.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Haircut time

Brian wanted me to just let it grow. I know there is nothing wrong with little boys having long hair. I love to see cute kids with longish disheveled curls everywhere. But Jayce's hair was bothering the crap outta me! I just had to cut it. I would have settled for just a trim, but considering how easy it is to buzz his hair (buzz... buzz... you're done) and how he would have screamed bloody murder if I had taken him to a kids hair salon, we decided to just buzz it all off.



Yeah, he wasn't too happy with us after the haircut. I really can't blame the guy. It had cooled down considerably outside and we had to take his hair-covered shirt off. Don't worry, he went right into a warm bath afterwards :)