Shamrock on the Squares

St. Patrick's Day was so much fun!!! We celebrated by attending the town's local festival, Shamrock on the Square.

Jayce played with items from the Discovery Toy display:

Jaina tried her hand at "Leprechaun Toss" where we quickly discovered that Jaina takes after *me* when throwing.

But by far,the kids enjoyed running on the grassy square in front of the band best of all.

Although the weather was clear and sunny, it was also very cold and windy! After about an hour at the festival, we decided to retreat to the Monsoon Noodlehouse for some lunch.


  1. Looks like a lot of fun. Next year, we should go together!! I had mentioned it to Matthew, but he kept saying it was just a drunkfest and I kept saying, no it's a family thing!! Thanks for proving me right (although I know where the Irish are, the beer flows freely too). Either way, glad you guys had fun and wish we could have enjoyed it too.


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