Why do I bother?

Like put them in situations where you know they won't do well, just hoping and :x that they'll magically change their tune and surprise you?

I feel guilty after getting the kids' portraits taken every time. Jaina loves it by herself and does great, but not when Jayce is in the picture. He's the one that gets all of the attention. Jayce does much better when Jaina's not there, too. He won't sit by her, won't hug her, won't do anything with her at all if he's on a backdrop. But he does much better with portraits when he's by himself.

I'm so selfish, but I want pictures of my kids TOGETHER.

I always put them in this situation and then get upset with them when its not a success. I really need to just stop for their sake, but I can't. Its like a challenge now. Determination sets in. I [B]will[/B] get a great picture of my two children acting like they are happy and loving each other so help me I will!!!!!

And then I don't And you know what? Life goes on and they end up forgiving me for putting them through that torture. Until next holiday....


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