Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Master Pizza Chef

When Jayce grows up, he wants to have the following occupations:

-Powerline worker
-HVAC installation and repair
-Charter cable installer
-Football player
-Computer Programmer

Yeah, pretty much whenever we have to call someone out to our house for repairs or installation, Jayce decides that a new occupation can be added to his list.

Well, we can go ahead and add "Master Pizza Chef" to that list.

Luckily for us, our summer ABA therapist has some good connections. As in, she's married to the manager of a Pizza eatery. It was no problem to arrange a little lesson for our sequencing program!

Jayce was so excited!

Jaina, of course, made one too.

And then there were salads.

The baby I keep during the day was not impressed with the food. Her sippy cup filled with water was much more interesting.

The best part was eating. No, actually, wait. The best part was eating pizza just 10 minutes before the store even opened and watching the line of people at the window just staring at us and wondering how we got in the restaurant before the door was unlocked. It was pretty amusing.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cake Pops and neighbors

I live on a street with absolutely wonderful neighbors. It has been such a great experience getting to know them over the past 4 years of living in this house.

Our across the street neighbors have been a true blessing. The mom is my children's piano teacher and one of their favorite babysitters. The dad works at a local home improvement store. Need I say more? If we need a tool, he most likely has it. If we need some advice, he most likely has it :)

Their youngest daughter is a therapist at the same ABA provider we use for Jayce's therapy services. We keep trying to get her on our team (how awesome would it be to just walk across the street to work?) but there's some kind of policy about conflict of interest. Boo!

Their middle two sons just rock. One of them is a tattoo artist. As soon as I get some money and time (ha!) and am not pregnant or nursing anymore, I want him to do my Little Bobby tattoo to commemorate my Jump, Little Children days.

The other son and his wife have two adorable little girls. They happen to live across the street from one of my best friends, so we see each other a lot!

And their eldest daughter? Well, she's turning out to be the most fun of all! Not only did Brian buy his motorcycle from her, but she also has just started a new baking endeavor and we get to sample it!

And totally off the subject, all seems to be well in Pregnancy # 3 land. Nothing much to update. My MS seems to be under control with the 8 mg of zofran. My uterus is a "good size", whatever that means, and I've only gained two pounds!

Now if only it would start to cool off, I could go back to walking again!

I'm really really behind on blogging. I don't even know where to start. This summer has been crazy, but good. Either I've been sick as a dog and not taking any photos, or else we've been running around town having as much fun as we can cram in one day. Those are the activities that have made me behind!

A beach post is definitely in the future, though! Almost done with all wedding images!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Where's your smile, Jayce?

"Right here, mom!"

Its just a phase.

I hope.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

14 Week Belly

I think this post needs a little disclaimer in order to resolve my guilt.

The above photo is a true life example of what my bedroom looks like in its current state.

Normally, this would embarrass me to no end and would not be posted on my blog. But morning sickness will do strange things to a person. I just don't care. Or, at least, I didn't, when this picture was taken a few days ago.

Its on my list of "things to do today", believe me. I am FINALLY feeling better. Nope, my morning sickness hasn't decided to pack up its bags and leave. Nope, instead, my CNM (who I will be seeing for my 14 week visit on Tuesday, but not delivering with) wrote me a prescription for 8 mg of zofran a day.

Bless her.

Who knew that 8 was so much better than the measly 4 mg I had been taking? And who knew that it would last most of the day in my system and therefore be much cheaper to purchase in that quantity?

The most important thing is that I can take care of my kids again. I can leave the house with them and not worry about public vomiting. I can cook again! I have the desire to eat again!! (to this date, I have not gained a single pound during my pregnancy, which is pretty much unheard of for me. I gained 12-15 pounds with both Jaina and Jayce by the end of the first trimester). And I also am starting to have the motivation to clean again.

Anyway, so, I could either take pictures of my 14 week belly now with a messy house or wait until next week when I find the time to tackle each room with a deep cleaning vengeance.

What the hell :)

As you can see in the background, I *do* own a vacuum and will be using it today, I promise!

Soon I won't be able to see my feet from this view!

And here's the total package. I certainly feel bigger than I look in this photo, though!

And there you have it. Expect a much bigger belly next time! But hopefully my face, arms, and thighs will stay the same. Highly doubtful, but hopeful, nonetheless!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Just one...

Okay, I can't help it.

I know I promised myself that I wouldn't even upload my beach pictures to my computer, but frankly, I had to get all 935 images off my compact flash cards in order to reformat them and use them for my upcoming shoot on Saturday. So, you see, I had to.

And to reward myself for plugging along with all the wedding edits, I can post just one picture, right?

This is the very first image I took once we got down to Pawley's.

That was one happy boy who loves the ocean :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Fountain

Okay, I can't stand not having a recent blog post with pictures. And I promised myself I would NOT even touch my beach pictures until the bride had all of her pictures in her hands. I've just barely started getting her images ready, so it might be a while before I recap the beach!

But I've been neglecting a bunch of other posts in the mean time. Although its been two weeks since we went, it was still a fun time!

I took Jayce to his Autism Social Skills playgroup where he threw water balloons, played "Red Light, Green Light", and his favorite "Duck, Duck, Goose". Then Jaina and our former neighbors met us at the same park when the fountain came on.

With only a month left of summer before school starts back, we need more days like this!

Friday, July 08, 2011

What the Midwife Ordered

Two days after my miscarriage scare, we packed up all our stuff and headed to the beach for a week.

It was the perfect excuse to lay around and do nothing :) Instead of lounging around on the bed or couch, I used a towel at the beach and a chair at the pool. The change of scenery really helped to get my mind off of all the "what ifs".

I'm happy to report that my bleeding finally subsided on Tuesday evening and I haven't had any the rest of the time. We may never know what was up with all that.

All I can say is that I am feeling flutters and tiny pokes (even at not even 13 weeks!) that are most reassuring.

We are on our way home right now. I promise to show pictures soon, but I have two client sessions that I need to get done before then.

Thanks for all your prayers and vibes :) I could feel them, I really could :)

Saturday, July 02, 2011

All's Well that Ends Well

Its been an emotional 24 hours.

Last night, around 9 PM, I started bleeding during our time spent with friends that came over for dinner. I wasn't worried at first, it wasn't much. But then the "gush" happened and a more steady flow followed for about 90 minutes. Then I was worried. I put a call into my midwife.

I knew what she was going to tell me. "Wait and see. There's nothing anyone can do either way."

So I did.

But I was convinced that I was, in fact, in the early stages of miscarriage. I cried myself to sleep.

Thank goodness for good friends who are there to offer love, support, prayers, and childcare. She took Jayce over to her house so I could go through this without the watchful eyes of children. My mom was already with Jaina at her house, so that was covered.

My midwife met me at the Birth Center this morning at 10 AM. I can't even begin to tell you how nervous I was. She found my heartbeat right away. It was beating so fast, I almost mistook it for the fast flutter of a fetal heartbeat.

Then she heard a noise that she identified as a strong baby kick. She found the baby's beautiful heartbeat immediately aftewards.

I guess we'll never know why last night happened. I am hoping I don't live in fear of losing the baby throughout the rest of my pregnancy. All in all, I'm usually a pretty positive person.

I'll be taking a blogging break for a week to rest and "unplug" from the internet. When I get back, I'll be sure to share a belly picture with you all. There is definitely a belly now!

Thanks for all your love, prayers, and support. Both my local friends and my internet friends are so wonderful :)