The Fountain

Okay, I can't stand not having a recent blog post with pictures. And I promised myself I would NOT even touch my beach pictures until the bride had all of her pictures in her hands. I've just barely started getting her images ready, so it might be a while before I recap the beach!

But I've been neglecting a bunch of other posts in the mean time. Although its been two weeks since we went, it was still a fun time!

I took Jayce to his Autism Social Skills playgroup where he threw water balloons, played "Red Light, Green Light", and his favorite "Duck, Duck, Goose". Then Jaina and our former neighbors met us at the same park when the fountain came on.

With only a month left of summer before school starts back, we need more days like this!


  1. Anonymous10:17 PM

    Sorry about your scare--glad everything is okay and glad you got some rest.

  2. I love Jayce with hair so much I just want to squee! And LOL at the little gaggle of girls.

  3. I keep seeing all these posts of kids playing in fountains or at water parks and it makes me sad that we don't have one around here. I guess I'll have to settle for the lake we live less than a mile from...but I think the fountains would be more fun.

  4. Awesome shots! The kids are getting so big!


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