Cake Pops and neighbors

I live on a street with absolutely wonderful neighbors. It has been such a great experience getting to know them over the past 4 years of living in this house.

Our across the street neighbors have been a true blessing. The mom is my children's piano teacher and one of their favorite babysitters. The dad works at a local home improvement store. Need I say more? If we need a tool, he most likely has it. If we need some advice, he most likely has it :)

Their youngest daughter is a therapist at the same ABA provider we use for Jayce's therapy services. We keep trying to get her on our team (how awesome would it be to just walk across the street to work?) but there's some kind of policy about conflict of interest. Boo!

Their middle two sons just rock. One of them is a tattoo artist. As soon as I get some money and time (ha!) and am not pregnant or nursing anymore, I want him to do my Little Bobby tattoo to commemorate my Jump, Little Children days.

The other son and his wife have two adorable little girls. They happen to live across the street from one of my best friends, so we see each other a lot!

And their eldest daughter? Well, she's turning out to be the most fun of all! Not only did Brian buy his motorcycle from her, but she also has just started a new baking endeavor and we get to sample it!

And totally off the subject, all seems to be well in Pregnancy # 3 land. Nothing much to update. My MS seems to be under control with the 8 mg of zofran. My uterus is a "good size", whatever that means, and I've only gained two pounds!

Now if only it would start to cool off, I could go back to walking again!

I'm really really behind on blogging. I don't even know where to start. This summer has been crazy, but good. Either I've been sick as a dog and not taking any photos, or else we've been running around town having as much fun as we can cram in one day. Those are the activities that have made me behind!

A beach post is definitely in the future, though! Almost done with all wedding images!


  1. Dang those look yummy!!!!

    We have toyed with the idea of moving but the fear of what kind of neighbors we get scare me. We have great ones now and I'd hate to lose that.

  2. Rachel10:52 PM

    Hey that's me!! :) (Nice unexpected shout out - thanks for the great shots of my cake pops - I'll think I'll call you over every time I do an order)

  3. Those look delicious! Glad you're feeling well!

  4. Hey Jess! I just read your comment on my blog about a camera body upgrade... but I don't have a way to email you :( Anyways, after talking with several people and reading reviews, there's not a WHOLE lot of difference in the 60d and the 7d. If I were you, I would get the 60d and then put the difference in a nice lens. With the 7d being first generation, I'd want to get the 2nd generation of that line of camera. OR if you plan to go pro, I'd just save some more and get the 5d :) That's my DREAM camera, but I doubt I'll ever get it since I don't plan on going pro.


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