What the Midwife Ordered

Two days after my miscarriage scare, we packed up all our stuff and headed to the beach for a week.

It was the perfect excuse to lay around and do nothing :) Instead of lounging around on the bed or couch, I used a towel at the beach and a chair at the pool. The change of scenery really helped to get my mind off of all the "what ifs".

I'm happy to report that my bleeding finally subsided on Tuesday evening and I haven't had any the rest of the time. We may never know what was up with all that.

All I can say is that I am feeling flutters and tiny pokes (even at not even 13 weeks!) that are most reassuring.

We are on our way home right now. I promise to show pictures soon, but I have two client sessions that I need to get done before then.

Thanks for all your prayers and vibes :) I could feel them, I really could :)


  1. We've been away on vacation so I'm not just catching up on reading other's blogs. Maybe sometime i'll get around to updating my own! LOL I'm glad to hear things are going better! What a scare!!!! I'm a bleeder (I usually have to have several ultrasounds by 8 weeks due to bleeding) and there has never been a good explanation as to why it happens. It just does. Let those baby kicks reassure you!!! Isn't it crazy how much sooner you can feel them with baby #3?! Thinking of you!!! Enjoy time at the beach :)

  2. With my first pregnancy I had a similar miscarriage scare. I went to the ER where they told me that my placenta had moved from the bottom of my uterus to the top. On the trip up it knocked some lining loose that made it seem like I was having a miscarriage. Just wanted to share because that's what I thought of when I read your post!

  3. Yay! Happy you are doing well! I've been feeling baby moving too...it's so amazing! :) one of my fav parts of pregnancy.

  4. Jessie, so sorry that I didn't read the previous post and could say I'd been praying. However now I'll be praying for that little one from God. I pray it is His will for him/her to continue growing strong in your body. How comforting to feel those flutters already. I didn't feel Juliet until 19 weeks and that was a spiritual test as well. I would love to get together before school begins so maybe I'll give you a call about meeting at the park sometime soon!

  5. Okay, I don't know how I missed everything that's going on with you, but wowza, I'm behind on the times!
    So glad to hear that things are going better. I had two miscarriages and bled heavily with Adam and with Mack. Like period heavy. But, they were fine. I'm hoping all that will stop for you! The worry that comes with it is just too much!
    Hope you come out of the morning sickness phase really soon! And yet, that "baby bump" shows up with the second pink line on the pregnancy test by the time you get to number three! Congrats on your new little one! Great catching up with you!
    Take care!


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