Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Force


I just figured out how to upload pictures from my phone straight to blogger. I think I'm in love with my smart phone even more now!

So, I have a lot to write and no time to write it.

Jocelyn turned 10 months the other day. She was sick and fussy so her onesie picture didn't turn out well. I had reconciled to taking it the next day (and just not telling anyone that it wasn't the 26th) but she was even more sick and wouldn't even let me put her down. A few doses of antibiotics and she was as good as new.

I turned 34 the other day. Since I've been saying "I'm 34" for the past 6 months because I couldn't remember how old I was, I guess I didn't get a year older after all!

I owe you guys Great Wolf Lodge pics! And if I don't dump my instagram off my phone soon, its going to eat up all the memory!

This weekend is the last weekend for photo sessions. I'm going out with a bang. I'm in the middle of editing two sessions currently and will be adding 2 full sessions and 4 mini sessions to the mix as well.

Then I'm done. DONE! Done in time to enjoy Christmas with my family.

And to blog :)

I promise.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Pre-Thanksgiving in Tucker

We typically don't have a hard and fast rule about where we go for Thanksgiving every year. One year, we went all the way to Indiana to see Brian's mom and Stepdad. One year we drove all the way to Southern Florida to have Thanksgiving at my Aunt Diane's house. Last year, we went to FT and Nancy's house to celebrate what would then be FT's last Thanksgiving with his family before passing away from cancer. :(

Most years, however, we travel 2.5 hours to Tucker, GA to spend Thanksgiving with my Dad and Stepmom. We were planning on making the drive again this year, but Brian had other plans. He suggested that we take a little mini vacation up to Concord, NC to visit The Great Wolf Lodge.

Our Great Wolf Lodge adventure will be for another post :)

Because we were going to miss Thanksgiving dinner with our families, the kids and I drove down to Georgia to see my parents the weekend before.

We had lunch with The Gray Family :) Or, more exactly, what's left of the Gray family that still lives at home! I first met Lisa Gray when she brought her two little boys into the public library when I was 15 years old. I had a summer job shelving books in the children's section. Lisa liked how patient I was with Stuart (2 years) and Mitchell (10 months) in helping them pick out books. She asked me for my phone number and if I was interested in babysitting.

Stuart is now a Sophomore at Georgia State University. His little brother Mitchell is a Freshman at the University of Rochester. And their little sister Mary (who was born on my 17th birthday!) is a Junior at the local Catholic high school :)

It has been our tradition to eat lunch with Lisa and whatever kids are around that weekend. My kids LOVE hanging out with the Grays. Lisa gets a kick out of seeing me as a mom now, too :)

After lunch, the kids and I played outside while Jocelyn napped.

Jayce even took a picture of me. 

My dad came out to work with Jo Jo, his German Short Hair Pointer.

Jo Jo does not make a great hunting dog. She is very skittish and scared of everything.

Jaina wanted a photo shoot with her "son" who has appeared on my blog several times. Yes, Pink Doggie is in fact a boy. He just likes to wear dresses. Especially pink ones. We are very open minded about gender roles at our house :)

Jaina is such a huge help with Jocelyn. Like her brother, she is not the best traveler. Her eating and sleeping habits go awry when we are out of the house. I was trying in vain to get her to eat any of the food I brought her. Jaina came and saved the day :)

We went to Stone Mountain Park for the rest of our trip but all of those pictures are on my cell phone. I guess that means I have more to blog soon!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Helllooooo down there........!!!

Um, hi.

Is this thing on?

*tap* *tap*


I guess I should start this blog post off with an apology to my readers. You know, all 5 of you :)

I feel a tad hypocritical authoring a blog entitled "Keep It Together" when I'm certainly not keeping it all together as of late.

Thank goodness we don't get grades on these things. Or have due dates. Or take tests on information from others' blogs. I'd fail miserably.

At any rate, I am sorry things have been so dead around here. No, I'm not dying. No, I'm not pregnant. My reasons are quite less exciting and much more mundane.

I'm just plain ol' busy. That should have a capitol "B". Busy.

Busy chasing Jocelyn. Busy giving Jaina attention. Busy carting Jayce around to therapy and appointments. Busy partying with my hubby. Busy editing everyone else's pictures but my own.

But life is good and I can't complain. It will slow down again eventually. Well, not really slow down. I guess I will learn to handle it better.

And here's a picture of Jaina because I hate blog posts without pictures.

Be back soon!

Friday, November 09, 2012

Instagram Friday

1. Friday night football
2. Little Miss Destruction
3. Big girl with her cup
4. 'Nuff said.
5. Watching the magic happen
6. hates hats
7. first fire
8. trains
9. Fall
10. snowmen
11. Teacher Jayce
12. photo bomber
13. Give Thanks
14. sunrise
15. fun in a box
16. smiles in car
18. bedtime story
19. practicing
20. wii time
21. holding her own
22. sharing
23. barefoot at the park
24. new scarf
25. tree lined no more :(

Sunday, November 04, 2012

The Park

These pictures are weeks old now but I'm posting them anyway. First of all, they have Logan in them. And Logan is Jocelyn's boyfriend (when she's not with Evan. She kinda is playing the field right now). And Logan's mommy actually got a picture of ME with Jocelyn. And Jocelyn ate sand for the first time. It was a great day :)

Friday, November 02, 2012

Friday Instagram Phone Dump

1. last soccer game
2. attitude at the car wash
3. Sheldon
4. "babysitting"
5. tired much?
6. Shaggy the Cowboy
7. flexibility
8. a singing chipmunk
9. target icee's
10. tiny toes at target
11. "where's my snack?"
12. Jayce's wish list
13. tree lined drive
14. lunch with daddy
15. 3rd pair of sunglasses in 4 mo
16. snack time

Thursday, November 01, 2012

This is Halloween 2012

Picture Overload Warning!!!

I don't know why people think that the more kids you have the less you take pictures of them. For me, its been the totally opposite. I have MORE pictures of Jocelyn as a baby than Jaina and Jayce combined. I can't stop taking pictures of her. Heaven  help me if I ever had a 4th baby!

Ahem... moving on....

Speaking of Jaina, she is 10.5 years old and still young enough to want to participate in Halloween. However, this is the first year that she wore a "tween sized costume". Brian ordered it online and I was slightly perturbed to see the package description as Sponge Babe. Sexualization of young girls, anyone?

I reminded her several times to adjust her skirt in order to make it as long as possible. Sheesh.

But I have to admit that my Spongebob obsessed daughter was super cute anyway :) I will be policing costumes a bit better next year, though!

Moving on to Jayce....

He went as GI Joe.

Considering that he doesn't even know who GI Joe is (and mommy happens to be pretty anti-war and anti-weapons), his costume choice was really random. Honestly, I think he just picked the first thing he saw at Costco. 

Gotta love him :)

Thank goodness I got to pick ONE of my kids' costumes! Ha! It will be years before this little one will get to have an opinion :)

Wait. She didn't like her costume. I guess she already has an opinion!

Brian calls Jocelyn his little Jalepeno. Since Jalepeno costumes were hard to find, we had to compromise and let her go as a chili pepper instead. Either way, she was hot and spicy!

All three kids on Halloween:

With Grandma:

Even Shaggy dressed up. Sorta.

Last year he tried to eat his Pirate costume. We weren't taking any chances this year.

Brian and I went to a Halloween party the Saturday before and dressed up as Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler. If you don't watch "Big Bang Theory" you won't get our costumes. And you are totally missing out on a hilariously geeky show.

(excuse the focus, or lack thereof, because I forgot to put it on automatic focus before handing it off to my friend)

And here are some pumpkins!

Jayce cut out the right eye all by  himself. Then got bored and asked me to finish it.

Jocelyn's "J" pumpkin. Jaina was not happy that I didn't choose something more intricate. I noticed that she wasn't offering to carve it for me!

Jaina had a "Whoops!" with her Patrick the Starfish's eyes.   I think it makes him look more ghost like!

All in all, we had a Happy Halloween! I hope your family did, too!