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I just figured out how to upload pictures from my phone straight to blogger. I think I'm in love with my smart phone even more now!

So, I have a lot to write and no time to write it.

Jocelyn turned 10 months the other day. She was sick and fussy so her onesie picture didn't turn out well. I had reconciled to taking it the next day (and just not telling anyone that it wasn't the 26th) but she was even more sick and wouldn't even let me put her down. A few doses of antibiotics and she was as good as new.

I turned 34 the other day. Since I've been saying "I'm 34" for the past 6 months because I couldn't remember how old I was, I guess I didn't get a year older after all!

I owe you guys Great Wolf Lodge pics! And if I don't dump my instagram off my phone soon, its going to eat up all the memory!

This weekend is the last weekend for photo sessions. I'm going out with a bang. I'm in the middle of editing two sessions currently and will be adding 2 full sessions and 4 mini sessions to the mix as well.

Then I'm done. DONE! Done in time to enjoy Christmas with my family.

And to blog :)

I promise.


  1. I don't think anyone will ever know if you even take that 10-month picture a week late. All that matters is it gets taken, right?

    I hope you're done with your sessions soon, cause relaxing is just plain awesome. ;)


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