Helllooooo down there........!!!

Um, hi.

Is this thing on?

*tap* *tap*


I guess I should start this blog post off with an apology to my readers. You know, all 5 of you :)

I feel a tad hypocritical authoring a blog entitled "Keep It Together" when I'm certainly not keeping it all together as of late.

Thank goodness we don't get grades on these things. Or have due dates. Or take tests on information from others' blogs. I'd fail miserably.

At any rate, I am sorry things have been so dead around here. No, I'm not dying. No, I'm not pregnant. My reasons are quite less exciting and much more mundane.

I'm just plain ol' busy. That should have a capitol "B". Busy.

Busy chasing Jocelyn. Busy giving Jaina attention. Busy carting Jayce around to therapy and appointments. Busy partying with my hubby. Busy editing everyone else's pictures but my own.

But life is good and I can't complain. It will slow down again eventually. Well, not really slow down. I guess I will learn to handle it better.

And here's a picture of Jaina because I hate blog posts without pictures.

Be back soon!


  1. take time for you! sometimes that means blog more. sometimes that means blog less. :)

  2. Monica11:45 PM

    You crack me up! With as much as you do, I am amazed that you ever find time to blog. It does, however, make me happy whenever you add a new post :-)

  3. I know how that goes... it's amazing how much time I spent blogging in the past 4 years... the regular blog, the cooking blog... hundreds and hundreds of post... now, I'm lucky to get 1 post on each a month.

  4. Good to see you back!

  5. Hi! Welcome back! :)

  6. It's a good kind of busy, though, right? ;p I find myself posting less frequently these days, too. My 30 Days of Thankfulness project was supposed to be a daily thing and I find myself lumping days together into one post lately.

    I`m like you in that I don't like posting without a photo. :)


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