Friday Instagram Phone Dump

1. last soccer game
2. attitude at the car wash
3. Sheldon
4. "babysitting"
5. tired much?
6. Shaggy the Cowboy
7. flexibility
8. a singing chipmunk
9. target icee's
10. tiny toes at target
11. "where's my snack?"
12. Jayce's wish list
13. tree lined drive
14. lunch with daddy
15. 3rd pair of sunglasses in 4 mo
16. snack time


  1. Love all those instagrams! :) I love how easy it is to keep a visual journal of sorts of what is going on in our lives without having to lug out my big camera. Love your header too! (I am always reading on my phone, so I don't always see people's it may be old but I'm just now appreciating it! haha!)


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