Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Jayce and the play house

So, we've had this plastic play school house for years now. It was given to us from a neighbor who's daughter had outgrown it. We kinda just put it on our porch and forgot about it. Every once in a while, I'll get the urge to bleach it and wash it off. Jaina's never really played with it. Jayce either, until now.All of a sudden, he loves this thing! He likes to crawl in, shut the door, open it fast and say, "Peekboo!" Its too cute! And he convinced Alli, our dog, to get in with him.And Jaina is sure being a good sport about it! She finds other things to do in our backyard and porch. Mainly run around and act like a goof!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Greek Fest

Did you know that Brian is 1/8 true Greek? His maternal grandfather was actually born and raised in Greece. And when Brian was a little boy, his parents took him to the Greek Orthodox Church and he even went to Greek School a bit.

So, every year, we attend our town's local Greek Festival. Its so much fun! And every year, Jaina enjoys it more and more.

We were so afraid we'd miss most of it this year due to my part-time weekend job. Luckily I was able to get an afternoon off, so we made it there an hour before it closed down. There was still food, still dancing, and best of all, no lines for the rides!

Jayce wasn't a happy stroller rider so I ended up letting him walk with his new harness. He doesn't mind the harness... just as long as you are still letting him go where he wants! At Greek Fest, he kept going into the parking lot for some reason. Maybe he wanted to get away from the crowd? At any rate, he LOVED sliding down the big slide. I went with him just to be safe.

Jaina convinced Brian to dance with her. Isn't that sweet?

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Blah week

I am so bored today. Brian is out of town and I am on strike with cleaning the house. I felt all motivated yesterday, but have absolutely no motivation today. I wish I could go somewhere and come back feeling all refreshed, but instead I have to work at the Picture People tonight.

I like working a part time job, but I wish it was more part time and less of a burden right now.

I have too much on my plate. I am so over MOMS Club right now. I just want to give the presidency to someone else and stop going. My baby Jayce needs sleep so badly right now. Makes me want to take Jaina out of preschool and just stay at home all day. This isn't like me at all, since I normally love being out and about.

Oh, and the picture of Jaina? Its posted because its cute. No other reason. I guess I should find one of the baby now.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Rusty Dilema

Here's the story....

TY, the beanie baby company, filed bankruptcy. To get rid of inventory, TY shipped loads of stock to non-profit and govt funded programs and groups. Our local library got a shipment, for example, and so did district 7's program for teen moms.

So, for Jaina signing up for the summer reading program, she got a free Beanie Baby. Rusty, the Red Panda, to be exact.

Jaina doesn't really play with anything that's not a dog or a cat (or pink!), so she just kinda tossed it aside. Jayce picked it up in the car and started loving on it, so she said, "Here you go baby Jayce... he's yours now. I'll give him to you."

He carried that darn thing around everywhere with him. And if someone (like another kid) came by and swipped it, Jayce would pitch a fit.

Then, he started purposely trying to find it before he would ask to nurse. And it had to come to bed with him.

He's since become attached to one of Jaina's old baby blankets, too. If he sees one, and not the other, he gets very upset. We try to keep both in his crib during the day so we always know where they are, but little stinkerpot knows how to drag his toy tractor over to the crib so he can stand up and reach his prized possesions through the bars.

I don't know when it was, but Jayce started chewing on Rusty's face. We kinda thought it was funny that he wanted to walk around with this beanie baby hanging from his mouth, so we didn't think anything of it.

The problem?

This is Rusty now

Jayce has completely chewed into the fabric/fur on the face and the plastic nose is hanging on by a thread. Its a serious choking hazard. I really don't know what's keeping the nose on anymore. Maybe glue? Which is also a problem if he's sucking on it.

If we just go on EBay and buy him another one for $10 includding shipping, I'm pretty sure he'd just do the same thing again.

I think we decided to let Gray take the nose off and fashion a new cloth one on there!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Click on the thumbnail to hear Jayce (and grandma) sing the song.

Jaina's View through the camera

Jaina took these digital pictures all on her own: