Greek Fest

Did you know that Brian is 1/8 true Greek? His maternal grandfather was actually born and raised in Greece. And when Brian was a little boy, his parents took him to the Greek Orthodox Church and he even went to Greek School a bit.

So, every year, we attend our town's local Greek Festival. Its so much fun! And every year, Jaina enjoys it more and more.

We were so afraid we'd miss most of it this year due to my part-time weekend job. Luckily I was able to get an afternoon off, so we made it there an hour before it closed down. There was still food, still dancing, and best of all, no lines for the rides!

Jayce wasn't a happy stroller rider so I ended up letting him walk with his new harness. He doesn't mind the harness... just as long as you are still letting him go where he wants! At Greek Fest, he kept going into the parking lot for some reason. Maybe he wanted to get away from the crowd? At any rate, he LOVED sliding down the big slide. I went with him just to be safe.

Jaina convinced Brian to dance with her. Isn't that sweet?


  1. Theres a greek festival jessica and I go to here in Atlanta every year at the Orthodox church, theres no rides but theres always dancing, and shopping, and tons of great food.


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