Blah week

I am so bored today. Brian is out of town and I am on strike with cleaning the house. I felt all motivated yesterday, but have absolutely no motivation today. I wish I could go somewhere and come back feeling all refreshed, but instead I have to work at the Picture People tonight.

I like working a part time job, but I wish it was more part time and less of a burden right now.

I have too much on my plate. I am so over MOMS Club right now. I just want to give the presidency to someone else and stop going. My baby Jayce needs sleep so badly right now. Makes me want to take Jaina out of preschool and just stay at home all day. This isn't like me at all, since I normally love being out and about.

Oh, and the picture of Jaina? Its posted because its cute. No other reason. I guess I should find one of the baby now.


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