Tumble Tots

Monkey See, Monkey Do and all three of my little monkeys take tumbling classes at a local gym/dance studio.

For Jaina, tumbling classes means she's one step closer to meeting the requirements for middle school cheerleading. She has several goals to meet, but none more important than the elusive back handspring.

We put Jayce in tumbling because he has hypotonia, or low muscle tone. We are always looking for ways to build his muscle. And since he is scared of the outdoors (bees and thunderstorms anyone?), tumbling in a gym is perfect. He's already shown improvement and moved up bat sizes in baseball.

As for Jocelyn... well, she just wants to do what her big brother and big sister do.

You are supposed to be three years old to start the Tumble Tots preschool class. Jocelyn won't be three until January 26th. However, she can follow simple instructions and is generally well-behaved during classes (i.e. doesn't run around crazy like doing her own thing) so the tumbling coaches suggested that she take Summer classes.

I wear my swimsuit when I get home, Mommy?

The first class in June went very well. She was attentive, cooperative, and separated from me just fine. Jaina stayed with her to be an assistant to Miss Amy.

The next few classes? Um, didn't go so well. She required Mommy AND Jaina to be right by her side. She was too scared to do a forward roll on the tumble track. She was very afraid of the bars. And she wouldn't let Miss Amy have anything to do with her.

So, even though Thursday night classes weren't going so well, Jocelyn sure came out of her shell on Monday nights during Jaina and Jayce's class. Evidently she thinks she needs to be in Level 2 Tumbling with Rocky as her instructor. I can barely keep her off the mat! And let me just say that watching Jocelyn attempt a push up is quite hilarious :)

Yet, there was quite a change in Jocelyn this past week during her Thursday night class. All of a sudden she was back with her full attention and cooperation. And I got to sit on the bench and just watch :)

I think there will be more tumbling in the future for this little monkey :)

Here's some quick video from a few weeks ago!


  1. Oh my, she's adorable! I remember taking both J and Z to those kinds of classes. J was always game and Z would take a bit more coaxing, but it did help that she would come along to J's classes when she was younger so that when it was her turn, she was eager to do the class, too. :)

  2. How sweet.

    Natalie LOVES her tumbling class.

  3. poor kid, scared of bee's and thunderstorms?! My oldest screams bloody murder if she thinks she see's a bee. She has left her little sister in a swarm and it was a fend for yourself sort of situation.. and FYI the swarm was a lone honey bee. :) Im sure a 25 year old attempting push up is quit humorous! I can see it probably being just a butt up and down movement. :)

  4. what adorable pictures! that Jocelyn is just the cutest thing!! Yay for tumbling classes! Sounds so fun!


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