Carowinds Continued...

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Where was I?

Oh, the rides. This was the first year that both kids could pretty much ride whatever they wanted to. Except for one mine train rollercoaster that you had to be 48" to ride, so Brian had to take Jaina by herself.

As for me, I could barely ride anything in my condition. Since I wasn't 9 months pregnant and due to go into labor any day, I pretty much decided I could ride anything that was a Thrill Level of 2 or below. That's okay, this was the first opportunity that I had to take my Canon Rebel with me (and my 85 f/1.8) and try to get some shots of my kids actually on the rides themselves. This is really hard to do when you are actually riding, too!

Did I mention that we took our ABA therapist with us? We had so much fun with her! She came along to help Jayce work out any sensory overload he had, to help keep a watchful eye on a potentially wandering kid, to help remind him to be patient in line, and to reinforce the fact that he cannot go up to strangers at the park and start conversations. Oh, and it also helped to have a 4th person who could actually ride all the stuff :)

And here is where I just post a lot of pictures. 

We also attended the Peanut's show "Lucy's Hoedown" at the pavilion. Both kids got to be volunteers on stage.

No more time to post, more pictures tomorrow!


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