Carowinds Part One

Our family takes an annual trip to Carowinds Amusement Park every year during the summer. Yes, we know its hot then (super hot!) but that's when the Boomerang Bay is open as well. And we can't miss the water park!

Let's trip down memory lane a bit...

This was taken in 2006. Jayce had just turned a year old, Jaina was really close to turning 4.

The next year, however, didn't go so well. Jaina, 5, loved it!

Jayce? Uh, not so much. Two years old was a really rough year for him. He had severe sensory overload at Carowinds.

The next year is when we got our autism diagnosis. So, we got a sitter for Jayce the year he was 3 and Jaina was 6.

I know that might sound cruel to some people, but honestly, it would have been worse to bring him. Jayce could only handle outings for small periods of time as we worked on his sensory issues. Although our life didn't stop for Jayce, we did have to think about how he'd handle each situation carefully before leaving the house with him. It took a while for him to tolerate and then actually enjoy places like McDonald's and Chuck E. Cheese and Monkey Joe's.

But when Jayce was 4 and Jaina was 7, we were able to go again as a family.

The same for 2010:

Which then brings us to our current summer!

Isn't it crazy to see Jayce have hair in the summer? He says he never wants to buzz it again. That's fine by me!

We knew Jaina was over 48" and therefore able to ride everything she wanted to. But was Jayce 46"? If you are over 46", you can't ride all the roller coasters, but you can have a few more options than if you are under 46".

Whew, just barely!!! :)

When Carowinds was owned by Paramont Pictures, they used to have a Nickelodeon theme. Before that, it was Hannah Barbara (think Scooby Doo). Now its the Peanuts Gang!

The above ride used to be called "The Runaway Reptar!" from the Rugrat's Movie on Nickelodeon. Now its called "Snoopy's Flying Ace", but my kids never call it that. It will always be the "Reptar Rollercoaster" to them! Jayce was thrilled to be able to go on it!

More pictures to come tomorrow :)


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