Alice Flagg: A Ghost Story

Alice Flagg of Murrell's Inlet

In 1849, Alice Flagg, her brother, and widowed mother moved to Murrell's inlet. Alice was only 16 when she fell in love with a simple lumberman. Her brother forbade them to court, insisting that he was beneath his sister's station.

Alice accepted an engagement ring from her beau and wore it on a ribbon around her neck.

It was soon discovered and she was shipped off to Charleston to attend school. Alice later fell ill and her brother rushed to her side to return her home.

She passed away soon after, never recovering her forbidden ring.

Many locals claim to have seen Alice's ghost; both at her home and the cemetery where her body lies buried beneath a stone. Some have even claimed that their engagement rings went missing after visiting these sites.


On our way out of town on Friday morning, Brian took us to the cemetery where Alice is buried.


  1. What an interesting story and opportunity for a field trip!


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