Halloween 2016

I can't believe we've celebrated 14 years of Halloween with this girl.

It's bittersweet having a teen for many reasons, but changing holiday traditions is just one of them. This year was the year that Jaina decided to forgo dressing up for Trunk or Treat and didn't go Trick or Treating at all.

But yet she talked her dad into buying her a Cosplay costume from a popular Anime series.

Lucy Heartfilia is her favorite character.

And this is Jaina's costume. Luckily the skirt was much longer on her :)

I'm a mean mom and wouldn't buy her a whip or let her dye her hair blonde just for Halloween. I'm sure she'll get over it :) And when SHE is a mom of a teen, I'm sure they will have a similar conversation.

My sweet boy Jayce, who is 11 this year, decided to dress up as his favorite Nintendo character, Link from the Legend of Zelda. I took him out to the woods for a quick photo shoot.

My littlest one couldn't decide, as per usual. She convinced Brian to buy her a Batgirl costume and then said she really wanted to be Skye from Paw Patrol. Daddy spoils her rotten so she, of course, got both costumes.

We had so many opportunities to wear our costumes, thanks to MOMS Club, her preschool, a community church, and Trick or Treating in our own neighborhood.

Whether she was a puppy or a bat (or some crazy Wolf thing), she was mighty cute.

And speaking of cute...

There's nothing cuter than an adult male channeling his inner child. Or is there?

And I deserve a medal for supporting his choice of a couple's costume this year.

It was a great halloween! And I'm still enjoying the candy!


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