Lavender Fields

Because of our preschool and after school schedule, we missed out on strawberry picking this season. I was pretty sad about it until our MOMS Club posted a lavender picking activity at a local farm in Greer. I underestimated how much Jocelyn and I would enjoy this new found tradition for our family.

They had a kids' tent with lavender rice, lavender sand, bubbles, and wooden games to play.

I didn't realize that the sand had non-washable paint in it and this is the exact moment where Jocelyn wiped her hands on her dress and stained it :( So far bleach hasn't gotten it out :(

She enjoyed clipping the lavender stems and followed directions beautifully.

It was pretty warm that day, but luckily the farm had some nice shady trees and we enjoyed the nice breeze, too.

Besides our moms' group, there were adults from a Clemson program there as well.  But there was plenty of lavender to go around.

We'll definitely be making this a new tradition to do every year!


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