The Whole Family Needs an Intervention

So, it started out innocently enough.

Jocelyn likes to wear Jaina and Jayce's old backpacks. Except she's just two and a big kid backpack is just way too much for her little body. So I went into a local monogramming store to find one.

Unfortunately, they don't sell backpacks until July. I really wanted to get her one before then so she could take it to Atlanta and to the beach.

As soon as we walked in the store, Jocelyn's eyes laid on an appliqued Mickey T-shirt for a child's first birthday.

"Mickey shirt? Jocelyn? I buy it?"

Well... it would be cute for her to have her own custom Mickey shirt. And I've never bought anything custom made or monogrammed or anything for Jocelyn. Not even anything at a boutique.

So I ordered her own shirt for her. She was SO cute picking it out! "I want white one. Black Mickey. Jocelyn name on it. Red. No Minnie! No bow!"

Explaining to a two-year-old that it was not coming home with us that day was not fun.

You should have seen her when we picked it up. She immediately took off her shirt in the store so she could put it on right then and there. The staff thought she was adorable.

Then came the tears when we had to wash it. She cried FOUR times during the wash and dry cycle.

Big ol' daddy couldn't handle his baby crying. So he rushed out to get her another shirt. And put a rush order on it. It was done in 4 hours. I chided him for spoiling her.

She picked out that one, too. She wanted Minnie this time. And a blue shirt. And she picked the applique fabric from a swatch on the wall. Still wanted her name in Red.

Then, here came the problem.

"Daddy, its not fair! I want a shirt, too!" said the almost twelve-year-old.

So Brian took the girls to get matching shirts. Jocelyn's has Mickey ears and Jaina has her monogrammed initials.

(sorry for the quality... it was the only picture I have of the girls together)

I really let Brian have it then.

"You are SPOILING her! Stop trying to buy her love!"

Well, I can't complain anymore.

Remember that backpack I was looking for? A local children's boutique had one, 50% off so I picked one up today.

And came out with this.

Its official.

We all need help.


  1. cute cute blog post!! love that Brian went out and got the girls matching shirts! and that dress!! It's adorable!!!


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