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So, I'm no Betty Crocker by any means, but I have found out that I kinda like cooking. Its been my goal to stop making Rice-a-Roni from a box and opening up a can of greenbeans and calling that dinner. I've actually been using a cookbook! Shock! So far my favorite websites are Cooks.com, Kraftfoods.com, and Aboutfoods.com. I also tried Food Network since a friend of mine (hmmm, KIT!) told me that certain recipes were more "user-friendly" than others. Yeah, she lied. Kit's a gourmet chef and certified Wilson baker anyway, so I should have known better than to listen to her! :)

I had been craving cinnamon bread lately. You know, the Betty Crocker box kind that is really more cake than bread. But when I invited a new friend over, I suddenly became embarrassed that I was going to serve a cheap imitation of the real thing. I looked up recipes online and got to work.

Come to find out, that I don't know much at all about baking bread from scratch. I had to call my mom 3 times to ask her questions. "Is my yeast packet 1tbs?" "How can I tell if my dough is 1/4" thick?" "HELP! My wax paper is sticking to my dough and not coming off!"

So, it turns out that my bread didn't rise very well and I didn't bake it long enough. But did I also mention that I love doughey uncooked bread? YUM!


  1. Hey now! You can do it all just takes LOTS of practice now you know what to do next time!!! I am sooooooooooooo proud of you! Keep up the great work!

  2. Get yourself a copy of the Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook. It's absolutely fantastic. It's got basic recipes for just about anything you'd want to do, and full instructions on how to do every step usually. It's taught me quite alot. Out of the 30 + cookbooks I own, it's my absolute favorite.


  3. yeah, we still ate the whole loaf you gave us in like, a day...


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