Art Time with Gray

Its got to be terribly frustrating when, as a true artist, not a single artistic gene is passed down onto your only daughter. However, Gray is sincerely hoping, in this instance, the genes have decided to skip a generation. And she has found a very willing participant in Jaina :)

So far, Jayce just likes to make a mess!

The "project of the day" was painting Jaina's tote bag for school. Because of class cubby size, Kindergarteners are not allowed to carry backpacks. Instead, they bring an open topped canvas bag to transport their homework folders, library books, and lunch bags. In Miss Missy's 3-K class, they painted theirs with bugs and flowers using thumb and finger prints. It was too cute! I sent the plain tote bag to 5K thinking that they might do something similar. Unfortunately, nope. I guess they have more important things to do in Kindergarten.

So, Jaina and Gray designed her bag's picture by first sketching it on paper. Jaina came up with it all on her own. Gray helped with opening the paint and helping with the bird and flower stamps. Oh, and Gray free-handed the sun. Everything else, Jaina did. The rainbow, the grass, and the blue sky. Didn't she do a great job!


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