Folly Beach Wedding


It was a looooong weekend. Literally, I guess, since we skipped work and school today in order to attend our friends' wedding ceremony in Charleston this morning. We crammed a whole lotta fun into this crazy busy weekend and it was totally worth the exhaustion now :)

We arrived in Charleston at 5 PM yesterday evening just in time for dinner at the Charleston Crab house. I'm kicking myself for not bringing my camera with me to dinner. Downtown historic Charleston was just beautiful during the golden hours before sunset. Oh well... I had a 18 lb baby on my hip, a heavy diaper bag, my purse, and two kids to hang on to. The camera might have been overkill a bit :)

I also left my camera in the van during Michael and Tisha's beach front ceremony. I knew they had hired a professional photographer from the area and I didn't want to be an "Uncle Bob" (you know... the guy that always gets in the way with his camera?). However, as soon as we arrived at Folly Beach, we were handed an "I Spy" list of things that we were supposed to get pictures of. Michael and Tisha are compiling all of our photographs and making an album of them. Isn't that a neat idea?

A little late, but better than never, I brought my camera to the reception. I won't bore you all with a ton of pictures of people you don't know, but I will make you look at every single cute picture I took of Jocelyn. And there are a bunch!

A rare picture of me and Brian (and Jocelyn!) together :) Excuse my hair... silly me thought it would be nice to curl it. The wind and salt water and humidity made it a laughing mess 10 minutes after stepping outside.

Jayce and his favorite bud Avery :)

My scruffy scruffy husband needs a haircut badly.... but not until after Halloween!

Vanessa and Lucas will be great parents when they have kids of their own. They practiced on Jocelyn a bit :)

And now my Jocelyn....

Oh! I have other kids, too...

Well, these little boys don't belong to me.... but they were awfully cute! 

I can claim this silly boy, though!

Our whirlwind trip to Charleston was certainly an adventure! Did I forget to mention that Jayce set off the smoke detector in our room causing the fire alarm to go off at our hotel? Fun times, let me tell ya.

Hopefully we can go back soon :)


  1. And how exactly did Jayce set off the fire alarm? Never a dull moment!

  2. beautiful photos! looks like such a beautiful place and so fun!!


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