Hover Disk

You know, those things you've seen on TV? or at the Mall? And you think, "Yeah, that looks like fun, but too expensive. And where would we keep something that big?"

Well, now I want one! A family that happened to be at the park at the same time as MOMS Club was kind enough to let our kids play with theirs. Jaina and her friends had such a blast! At first, it was pretty difficult for the 5 year olds to fly it straight. But after some practice, they were doing pretty well!

Jayce couldn't decide if he was scared of it, or loving it! He was so excited to see it fly in the air... until he felt like it was getting too close. Then he'd run away in fright, visibly upset. He's scared of balloons, but loves things that have motion, so it was quite the dilemma for him.


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