Today I spent way too much time working on different layouts for my blog. I changed the side bars, adjusted widths, played with different colors and texts... and basically was unhappy with anything I created.

Then I finally found a blog background that I liked. Customizing it was pretty simple, too.

Its the header that always gives me a headache. Sometimes I get my friend Melissa from A Bushy Life to create my headers for me. She does a great job and fits well in my budget :)

But it makes me frustrated that I can't figure out how to do things myself. I may not be a graphic artist by any means, but I'm certainly not computer illiterate. I own all the basic graphic programs and then some.

So, I sat down and googled "how to make blog headers" and watched a bunch of tutorials. I got interrupted a few times by a nursing baby or an arguing older kid, but that's part for the course.

Then I brought Disqus back to my blog as well. I'm not 100% in love with this commenting program, but it does seem to allow more of my local friends and family to be able to comment without problem.

Readers, thanks for hanging in there while I had a bit of blogging ADHD. I hope to keep this one for a while :)

Maybe I'll finally have time now to catch up on all the posts I need to write! Next up... field day!


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