Three's Company

First there was this one:

We didn't want her to be lonely, so three years later, we gave her a sibling to play with.

Then came this one:

He challenged us in ways we never even imagined. I remember even saying "We're most certainly done having kids!" when this guy was just two years old.

But time changes things. 6 years, to be exact. I didn't feel "done" any more.

So this one came:

I know some people think we are crazy for having three kids so spread out over the years.

That's okay.

'Cause they are crazy about each other.


  1. Omgosh that last picture is to die for. They're all fantastic but little Jocelyn's face is completely perfect and those kissy faces are adorable. BLOW it up and cherish it!

  2. Oh honey, there are plenty of times I wish our kids were spread our more. But there are also plenty of times I wish they were closer together :)


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