Be Aggressive

"Its not whether you win or lose; but how you play the game."

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I might not be one of those sideline parents that berate their child for missing a goal or striking out (I'm not that bad, I promise!), but I do want my kids to try their best.

I expect them to pay attention, learn the rules of the game in practice, listen to their coach, and improve upon their skills.

This picture was taken right before she scored a goal! YAY!

Jaina's not a very aggressive child. In fact, she pretty much takes after her momma when it comes to sports. "oh look! There went the ball. Should I chase after it?"

But she's getting better. There's nothing wrong with a little aggression in sports.

After all, its pretty darn fun to win!

(and to take a nap. Which is what Jocelyn did the entire game!)


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