Field Day 2012

My heart broke a little at last year's Field Day. Jayce was a newly turned 6-year-old and just about to finish up his first year of kindergarten.

The shirt that he picked out to tie-dye with his class was two sizes too small.

But what really made him stand out was coming in last... dead last... in every event. 

I feel like he was waving a flag that said, "Hey! I have special needs!" And that broke my heart.

But this year? Totally fit right in.

Okay, so he might have come in last again this year.... but it was just a little bit behind his peers.

My boy had a smile on his face the whole time. He participated in every event.

Brian and Jocelyn chilled on the sidelines while I snapped pictures of my boy.

I love this next picture of Brian. Its totally him. He is such a big kid himself.

I was disappointed to find out that Jaina's school was not having a field day. And then, in true Intermediate School fashion, the principal decided that they were going to have one. But parents were not invited. One more year there, one more year. Then I can tell everyone at that school to go bite me.


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