Something happened with our beloved groomer of over 5 years. We had heard through the grapevine at the dog food supply store that she was in the hospital. Then there was a note saying that she'd be back in town in 3 weeks. This was back in June and we haven't heard a word. So, we finally had to make arrangements to get Alli groomed somewhere else.

I drove the dog 30 minutes North to Lake Bowen to see a groomer there. While we were there, we stopped long enough at Anchor Park for Jayce to walk into a swing. It was empty, thank goodness, but as you can see, he bumped it well enough anyway.

What is up with Jayce always hitting his head? He hits his head on a daily basis. I am surprised that he doesn't have a skull fracture or brain damage! Seriously, when he learned to crawl, he would bob his head back and forth while he did it. Smack, right into the door frame, table legs, chair legs, furniture. I thought it would be better when he learned to walk, but it hasn't. Now he just falls down and bumps his head. Poor little guy!


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