Ballerina Girl

On Wednesday night, Jaina's fantasy became a reality as she attended her very first dance class.

I have to admit, I was nervous. As a three year old, Jaina wanted nothing to do with ballet. It was all about gymnastics, and only gymnastics. After 9 months of gymnastics class, she was excited to be able to move to the next level. She had no fear of the beam or bar. She practiced her forward rolls and headstands at home. She was ready for cartwheels, she says.

... Then she saw an Angelina Ballerina video and it all changed. She would put on her gymnastics leotard and dress-up slippers and pretend to be a ballerina. I think it also helped that our next-door-neighbors really enjoyed their dance classes, too!

So, I called around and tried to find a dance company whose class schedule would work. I had completely forgotten that my college, Converse, offered dance at their Alia Lawson Pre-college department. I have high hopes that Jaina will one day study piano there as well.

I come to find out that my old classmate, Breanna, is now in charge of the pre-college dance department. Breanna graduated a year behind me, also with a BA in Psychology.

I enrolled Jaina in their pre-dance evening class. Its perfect! Only 5 girls total. Jaina is the oldest, but the only one with no prior dance experience, so it works out great!

She loved it. I asked her what was her favorite and she said, "Tap. No, ballet. No, tumbling. No, tap!" LOL! Since it is a pre-dance class, they do a little bit of tumbling, which was right up her alley.

Now, poor baby Jayce pitched a fit several times standing outside the door of the studio. He wanted to take dance, too! Poor little guy always wants to be doing what his sister is doing. He did have fun, though, running up and down the halls of the student center. Next week, he'll have a new little girlfriend to play with. I'll be sure to get pictures!

All in all, it was a great experience and she is looking forward to her class next week as well!


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