First day of 4-K

Isn't she just so cute??? My oldest baby started 4 year old pre-k on Monday. So far so good! She loves it. Her teacher, Miss BJ, said that her class was very activity-based. Lots of coloring, painting, glueing, cutting, etc. That is right up Jaina's alley! I haven't gotten to see anything yet. Jaina says they have been making frogs the past few days to decorate their "lily pad" (aka classroom). How cute!

There are 12 kids so far that I've counted in her class, but I think the limit is 16! I hope it doesn't get that big! Only two little friends from last year's class are in her 4-K room this year. Jaina was very sad to see that Abby is next door instead. But we'll just have to make playdates instead! Jaina's 3 year old teacher has taken the Music Teacher position and will also be teaching Spanish every week to the kids! Since I absolutely adore her teacher from last year, we are very happy about that!


  1. Your kids are adorable Jess! You always did want to be a mother. I'm so glad I found your blog and at least know your doing well and happy.

    - Brian Stewart


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