15 Months

I love this age so much!

The curiosity, the infectious giggle, the big personalities shining through even though they are still tiny.

I know I said I could still call her "the baby" until she started walking...

But Jocelyn shows a maturity beyond the infant years. She truly is a toddler now, even if she can't toddle.

She has no trouble getting around, believe me. And monkey is her faithful side kick in all her adventures.

At 15 months:

- sleeps from 9 pm- 8 AM four or five times a week
(don't ask about the other nights)
- weighs about 22 lbs
- says Momma, dora, mon (for monkey), boots, backpack, hey, dog, uh-oh, dada, quack quack, and moo, and now says No No, and shhhh.
- can sing "row row row" and "ba ba ba" from Row your Boat and Ba Ba black sheep.
- does the hand motions to Wheels on the bus, Itsy Bitsy spider, No more Monkeys Jumping on the Bed, Pat-a-cake, etc.
- can wave bye-bye, point, clap and say "YAY!", put finger on mouth and say shhh, and wave finger to say No No.
- identifies ear, nose, mouth on faces.
- is a very picky eater. Not as bad as Jayce, but close.

A little update about her braces:

So, we got her fitted for these SMO braces about two weeks ago. Lucky for us, she didn't have to be casted. Whew! She would not have liked that!

Its taken over a week for insurance to receive the pre-authorization and finally approve them. Insurance will pay 80%, thank goodness, but that 20% that we are left with is certainly higher than I would have liked.

We are hoping she will only need to wear these SMOs for a year, tops.

In the past four weeks, Jocelyn has made only minimal progress in terms of standing.

She can now get down from a standing position at the coffee table by kneeling.

She can hold on to the table with one hand and reach for a toy with her opposite hand. She has taken one step to the side to better reach something on the table, but is not cruising yet.

She will only pull up on the hard surface of the floor, not the bed or the couch or stand on our legs.

She will only pull up on stable surfaces, like the coffee table or a stationary chair. She will not stand behind a push toy or pull up on the Little Tykes plastic kid chairs because they can move.

The SMOs will give her foot and ankle some stability. Then we can do some exercises with her to help her learn how to cruise furniture, stand independently, walk holding onto a push toy, and walk holding on to our hands.

Its my personal goal for her to be walking by the time we leave for the beach on July 4th. Even if its not independent steps, I want her to be able to practice standing and walking, with support, on the beach.

Thank you for all the well wishes and support you've given Jocelyn thus far!


  1. She's beautiful Jessie!

  2. what sweet pictures! she is just the cutest!!

  3. She is so precious! I hope the braces give her the boost she needs and she can be even more free to roam. :) She is such a smart girl...saying all those words and doing song motions. Wow! Jericho refuses to talk. I like to say he's the strong silent type, but I'm afraid he's mostly just stubborn as a mule. ;) happy 15 months sweet kiddo!

  4. She is so precious! Hope the braces gove her the boost she needs so she can be even more free to explore! :) I'm so impressed with her talking and hand motions! Jericho refuses to talk. Haha. He will say a word once and then refuse to say it again. I like to say he's the strong silent type, but I think honestly he's just stubborn as a mule. ;) Happy 15 months sweet kiddo!

  5. Oh, I agree --this is such a fun age! My friend's daughter is almost 16 months old and I just have a ball with her whenever she's around. I love asking her questions and seeing her reactions and seeing how she would answer. They are SO, SO adorable at this age. I miss it.

    I just love Jocelyn's grin. You could see her personality shining through. :)


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